She Stole My Heart [musicated prior lyric-only]

She Stole My Heart [musicated prior lyric-only]



Liner Notes: 

Only notes with this to self was, 5 min moring-coffee-write: "She Stole My Heart"
She Stole My Heart (c) ustaknow (alias) 16April'20 5 min Write

-- Thanks to Bill for poking me to musicate it. I was not sure I could do it today, busy-busy... and etc.; so acoustic one-take while musicating it, then overdubbed the bass and 2nd guitar for dimension and a little head-space... (I rarely go back and "remix", remix... so figured do what I could when I could. Smile )


I smacked into that street lamp, or was it a wall
The sugar high I craved, it just beckoned my all
If I could not have chocolate, I'd take white and tall

Oh God, she was a beauty, long and lean
Wrapped so tightly, sparkly and clean
I knew I had to have her no matter how mean

So I dug deep deep, deep into my pockets
I looked for any money to kindly unlock it
No holes, no cash, but plenty of nash

I scraped together enough, for just one chance
I'd get this dance, if even my last stance
So I dropped my money, and she took it all
And I got that big'ole chocolate - bar - fall

It clanked with a thunk
With me hitting, my bed bunk
I had no fear, as I did tear
Her paper dress off, and with a toss
I ate that chocolate bar, not a crumb was lost

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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jcollins's picture

Cool, tons of personality in your audio and lyrics. Cool guitar groove I was moving with it. Excellent job with these rhyming lyrics and your vocals sound really good. Another good one!

coolparadiso's picture

I love the lyric. Made me smile! I like both ways to read this. Smile

aricate's picture

Well done. Love the gravel in your voice.

splittybooms's picture

Of course I dig this! You've likened a chocolate bar in its wrapper to a beautiful woman in a tight dress - clever!
I smiled big as I read the lyrics. SO many times I've been stood in front of a machine digging for coins that I knew weren't there...
Guitar sounds great.
Your vocal cadence works really well here and the rhythm of your strumming is perfect - no need for percussion.
"Sweet" track (rimshot)