(In A) Hot Air Balloon

(In A) Hot Air Balloon

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Liner Notes: 

greetings friends. feel free to put music to this... or maybe i'll get to it; we'll see.



(in a) hot air balloon i feel like the
world is far away
pay no mind to your problems
(let your) observations play

time isn't real in the
sense we think it means; it's
all that you do when your
mind is not at ease

verse 1:

, i took some time to find myself in a
car, on a bike, on my
own two feet

, i didn't think to look inside and a-
round, and throughout, in be-


. i'd love to go upstairs, if the
steps aren't all that steep
. if not, i'll stay down here, but
you won't see me weep

[repeat chorus]

[solo over chorus chords]

verse 2:

, i took some time out of every day to sit
down, and think, and just

, i never thought it would help me out 'til i
knew, in my heart, for my-

[repeat pre-chorus]

[repeat chorus]

[instrumental bridge leading to key change]

[chorus, now in new key; repeat to fade out]

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Yes, definitely would work well with a psychedelic sort of music scape. Floaty and colorful!

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Fine set of self reflection.