July 9th

July 9th

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Liner Notes: 

Yes, a stream of consciousness sort of minor ramble while sitting here just before 9am on a quiet morning. Took a couple weeks vacation time to try to relax a little.

This is not my finest moment musically but for about 5 minutes effort, it's worthwhile posting, I think. That's part of my 50/90 ethos-- post everything and let time and reflection figure out what was worthy.


overcast and grey
it's a quiet day
sitting with my tea
wondering what will be

nowhere I need to go
nothing I need to do
children are sleeping in
summer is creeping in


such a lazy morning
just the kind of morning
that I've needed for a while

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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nicely done- these kind of offhand moments and song writes are a good thing to keep doing ..and yeah, this is the classic 50/90, keep 'em coming ethos.
I like that transition to the second part of the song, it feels like a great release...

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Whoa! You can hold a note! If you have a trick to it, can you teach me? I have no great lung capacity, it seems. I run out of air. This isn't too shabby for a five minute effort. This song has a contemplative feel that I tend to like.

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Nice arpeggio and hard to do sometimes while singing. Later the strum worked out nicely too with a nice arpeggio ending. Lyrics and vocals are great Alex. Well done!

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nice attemot at capturing a moment in an average morning, a descriptive flourish on a nondescript passage of time

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I agree with most comments. Music can just be nice and in the moment and this is nice!

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To me this has a 70's art rock feel to it. It was a lovely ride and a pleasant listen. I rather liked it actually.

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I like the glimpse into your thoughts on the day. Lovely intimate introspective quality to it.

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Yes I totally agree with that ethos of letting time decide what's worthy or not. This has a nice relaxed feel to it with the everyman style of writing. Favourite for me are the 'ohs' - very catchy - I wanted more!

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The chord changes are really attractive and the lyric definitely hits home for many. But your guitar playing is what makes this stand out.