Blueberries for Asher

Blueberries for Asher

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Liner Notes: 

My 13 month-old son loves to eat blueberries! I also wanted to write a song that helps teach children about subtraction Smile I don't have the music figured out yet, but I hope you enjoy the lyrics.


Little Asher eat your food
It will put you in a good mood
ten blueberries on your plate
Now eat two and you have eight

Eight berries are left for you
Now you know just what to do
Eat two more, there are no tricks
All you have left are six

Six berries lookin so good
Eat them up just like you should
You eat two are there any more?
Oh, why yes! You still have four

Four berries blue as can be
Full of juice, they’re so yummy
Gobble two up, you still have a few!
All that’s left right now is two!

Two blueberries sit alone,
My oh my how you have grown
Now eat two, what have you done?
All that’s left is zilch, nada, none!

No blueberries. Oh you look sad,
Instead of crying just ask dad
He will bring you more again
Oh, wow look, now there are ten!

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This is cute! I love the counting with kids aspect. I have 3 kiddos myself. Can't wait to hear music!

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it is cute - my grandson (20 months) loves blueberries as well - clever idea for counting

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Wonderful song that captures the joy and delight of meal/snack time with a young child. I like the counting aspect too. Takes me back to the summer before my son’s first birthday when fresh blueberries were his favorite food and blueberry was one of his first words as he loved them so much. I think he said blueberry before he said mama! Sweet song for your son!

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[erfect math lesson for children. my three year old just gave a presentaric,tion on blueberries in her preschool, so i have somme of them lying around. im going to sing this and play the counting game with her. thank you for the inspiration and the catchy lyric

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What a great idea! Teaches a simple lesson and I'd love to see him eating his blueberries! (I have a new Grandson born last month named Myles Asher)

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Such a cute lyric! It's also fun to note that he really does eat his berries two at a time! Smile Love!!!

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Beautiful loving lyrics Dawn, a pleasure to read. I can hear your voice in every word.