La Lune blanche

La Lune blanche

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Liner Notes: 

I have been stuck with this composition for years. I wrote it for an SSAA choir and piano but no choir has performed it. There are choir synthesizers but none of them handle French phonetics. Now I sketched an orchestrated version.


A well known poem by Paul Verlaine. Composed by many.

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How beautiful! So uplifting and I feel as if I am flying over a beautiful landscape. Wonderful!

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Thanks! It sounds both well as a summer and a christmas tune - has a very impressionistic + early cinema stylistic, but i guess you know that. About the french choir - there are ways to design that now, faster than one might think

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That is so beautiful and all-encompassing. The ebbs and flows of the dynamic range are wonderful-- from silent to full orchestra and back.

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Listening to this song was a near out-of-body experience. Ethereally beautiful. Wow.

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This is very, very good. I lived in France for several years and your song speaks to me with authenticity and real emotion. The change at around 2.00 minutes is very effective. This is a very special piece of music.

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Oh my, the sweeping orchestration is beautiful, matched with your exquisite baritone vocal!

What an absolute joy!

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Que c’est magnifique! Wow. Wow. This evokes everything from Debussy to jazz standards to me. What a gorgeous orchestration. Came here from the recommendations thread and it was well worth it.

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wow! quite impressive- and I like that solo vocal with the orchestra... to my ears more effective then a whole choir in that its got the intimacy of a single voice combined with the orchestra.. quite an intoxicating combination. I don't speak French and have no idea what the lyric means (without looking it up) but i guess now I'll have to!

great work!