Cobalt town

Cobalt town

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Liner Notes: 

Not my normal style I guess but I was watching this docunentary about The cobalt mining /slavery in The cobalt mines and then it became some irish folkish inspored gibberish.
Tell me IF you like to put it to music.


There is a world
Or so they've heard
But noone hear the screams
They dig in pain
They dig in vain
They dig away their dreams
And NO sun shine
Down The mine
Where young Boys dig all day
They work in chain
They work in vain
While sun is turning Grey.

They dig, They dig
They drink They fight
They swallow darkness down
What else is There
For Boys to do
In Gods forsaken town

2, The foremans chain
Is lashing out pain
For any lazy breath
At night They pray
That any Day
Gets them closer to their death


3, But then There comes tomorrow
Another Day of sorrow
The world still look away
Another phone
Is to be done
They have no time to pray

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Still nice and dark. Nice flow to it. Another story worth tellinh

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This has a wonderful Celtic feel to it. Great story telling.

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important story most of us don't know anything about- nicely done lyric! its got a nice short-to-the point rhythm about it. great job!

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This brought me back to all the mines I've visited, gold in Ballarat, silver in Potosi, and all the suffering they represent. But the jolt was the mention of phones, and the reminder that this is a present day horror not just a historical one.

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Well done for highlighting this hugely important issue. "Another phone is to be done' is a very strong line.

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I love the story telling. I'm not sure if you intended it but I picked up a double meaning in the word vain... like they're searching for a vein of cobalt. Was that intentional? Very cool regardless.

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A sad reminder of a source of the wondrous tech and conveniences taken for granted in our 'first world' countries.

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You capture the feel of God's Forsaken Town--- swallowing darkness, yeah!

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Really nicely written, flows along well and nice job talking about an issue that's way under the radar.

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Wow, really dark. I like that this one is set in our world, no supernatural forces at play.