Stronger than thunder

Stronger than thunder

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Liner Notes: 

This song tells a story of two virgin lovers separated by War, in WW 2, in a small Italian village. It tries to touch on how communities are ripped apart by War, and those who survive have to be a testament to love and humanity.


Stronger than Thunder

Winter gave way to Spring,
Crops were well beyond seed,She worked her hair in the stream
Sowed the hem of her dreams
Hoping one day she'd be suddenly noticed by him

Just outside of the church,
He smiled in his best Sunday short,
Sometime between 11 and 12
Underneath the old chapel bell
Her heart beat so loud it seemed louder than thunder.

Then as the first touch was made
The nation call him away
The noise grew louder each day
Louder than thunder.

The village had lost all it’s men,
Never knew how if or when
Which sons would be returned back to them
In an age driven by thunder.

He wondered back there alone
His leg had been ripped from it's bone
She held him and took him back home
Her love...stronger than thunder
She held him and took him back home
Her love...stronger than thunder

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Nice images painted her and nice gentle delivery amongst some sad tales.

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The guitar and timing on this is so soothing. Your title and hook caught my eye and pulled me in and I was not disappointed in how it was executed. I love songs written for this era.

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This is a really good song, Greg. I hope you take this to full production on your next album. Smile

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Powerful wartime imagery in your lyrics. The use of thunder as a comparison for different lyrical components is a clever metaphorical device! Well done

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I like the guitar quite a bit. It's a subdued style that is very effective. The long trail reverb gives the vocal a cool depth to it and suits the lyric and vocal very well.