Bittersweet Memories of Yesterday

Bittersweet Memories of Yesterday

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Liner Notes: 

I created this using Arcade (a sample based synth) and Loopcloud. I've been using this method a lot lately to quickly crank out some chill beach house type pieces.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Oh yeah! Love it! Dancing in my chair...

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Had me right off bat with those chilled pluckies.
Great intro transition!
This has all the vibes one needs. Digging the drum programming.
Could have listened to another 3 minutes of this.
I've seen Arcade mentioned often lately in different article titles and youtube vids - haven't checked it out yet; seems like it has some great sounds!
Curious - is loopcloud a sample library? I got introduced to Splice and I've been obsessed with vocal samples ever since!

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Loopcloud is a free program by Loopmaster that can help you organize your loops and samples. It comes with a VSTi that You can place in your project and it will sync with the tempo of your song allowing you to audition sounds in your session. You can add your own samples and also buy loops directly through the program from Loopmasters using a points system similar to Splice, but with no monthly fee. You just buy the credits as you need them.

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Cool! Tropical drum sounds really evoke summer and holidays. Nicely done

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Funky tune. Love the energy from it. Would make a great beat for a dance type lyric. Cool work.