That Game

That Game

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Liner Notes: 

This is my favored approach for tackling 50/90 - search out some lyrics that I like from another 50/90er, then compose some music/melody (assuming that they're happy for me to do this).
This features both acoustic and resonator guitars, the excellent (and free) LABS soft piano and the percussion is mostly EZ Drummer


When we first met
It was like a dream
Until I learned
You're not what you seem

You wanted my body
Without my soul
You wanted a piece
And not the whole

But I don't have time
To play that game
And I'm looking for someone
Who feel the same.

You wanted my body
Without my soul
You wanted a piece
And not the whole

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Great dreamy quality to the music... has an approaching summer storm feel to it and then that bass drum jumps in. This is a really good pairing of lyrics and melody. Love the harmony and the instrument arrangement.

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Lush Stu! The harmony with such perfect music! A gem

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Really pretty setting for Chandra's lyric. Brilliantly done.

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I love the tone on the guitar, the build up is beautiful, use of piano against the rolling guitar riff. Well done. I'll stick you on my watchlist.

billwhite51's picture

perfect collab. words and music destined for each other. the guitar moves it but the piano adds a spooky layer .

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There is so much win here. The instrumental interludes between vox are lush, textured and complex. The succinct 2 line chorus is powerful. The vocal harmonies are the icing on the cake.

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Gorgeous delivery of these lyrics. Beautiful breakdown for the last stanza.

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I have to say this is absolutely brilliant! It's beautiful all the way around. And I have a different perspective on how to approach Chandra's lyrics!

benjo's picture

this is absolutely outstanding

the melody just melts on this
your vocal is stunning
these lyrics are just so simple
and that's just the way they should be
wonderful piece of art LOVED IT

hope we can do something again this year
my fingers are crossed

well done here

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Two of my favorites, the amazing voice and musicianship of Tim and the emotional and introspective creations of Chandra. The music and lyric is a perfect match and there are moments when the vocal and music grabs our attention and then lets us ride on something lighter, what a great collaboration!

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Gorgeous. The lyric hits home using succinct wording and an economy of style. And the music draws it out beautifully.

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I absolutely LOVE this song! the powerful lyric, so simple yet says so much with so much emotion. Beautiful arrangement - vocals are lovely - especially the harmonies.

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Another gorgeous composition. Nice harmonies.
Great delivery of the lyrics
Lush and haunting.