Ghost Story For A Dark Night at Camp

Ghost Story For A Dark Night at Camp

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Liner Notes: 

I used to love ghost stories at camp

Collaboration welcome


Ghost Story For a Dark Night at Camp

bones rattle at the bottom
of the dark black lagoon
buried in decaying debris

the ghosts of the bodies
who once owned the bones
cry out incessantly

when the moon disappears
and the sky becomes black
the bones will be set free

then the ghosts will gather
flying above the water
demanding their bones back
wanting to reunite
to become a ghost body
ghost body with its bones intact

according to the legacy
of the black lagoon
on stormy nights when
clouds obstruct the moon

skeletons will rise up
broken and incomplete
like monsters from beneath

hideous and deformed
they attack angry ghosts
that now will howl and seethe

outraged ghosts will fly east
into neighboring camps
seeking other bones they will keep

ghosts inhabit campers
innocent young and old
frightening their victims to death
they will devour them whole
ingesting the bones
before flying back out west

according to the legacy
of the black lagoon
on stormy nights when
clouds obstruct the moon

OUTRO (sung/spoken in a slow hushed whisper)
so when dark storms clouds come
and fill the night sky at camp
recall this song, you’ve been warned
that it’s time to hide....before you... are... nabbed...
(surprise and grab someone or pretend you are grabbed and scream)

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Camp songs are so much fun. Good story telling and I like that you put the jump scare in the directions at the end. That's crucial.

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This is funny and coudl probably enjoy many scout kids by a camp fire. Lovely thythm in the lyrics. Great kid song Smile

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fun camping spooky story song... i love the bit about the ghosts " demanding their bones back" and i like the stage directions at the end Smile

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Fun fireside story! Spooky spoken words in the end are perfect!

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Even without music, the words alone have a terrifically dark, ominous vibe. It has just the right tinge of fun for a terrific campfire tale, leading up to the "jump scare" at the end!

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I love how you ended this song! I always loved ghost stories as a kid (but then couldn't sleep so well on account of every board knot and dark closet, noise spook and waving tree branch in the window). This is just a little bit scary, so perfect for kids and so fun how it ended!

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First, the title pulled me in...simple as that. Smile

Looking at the lyrics...oh my god! v1 is terrific and you and Cindy are really good at these kinds of songs. C1 is excellent as well...very visual and spooky. v2 is loaded with goodies too. I had to look up seethe (to boil). V2...again, very exciting lyrics to me but I'll keep moving. C2 is just as intense as C1. The Outro is outstanding too. Liz, you are amazing. I'd wipe this out if I tried something on this so I have to pass. Quite tempting though as I use to be good at this kind of stuff. Awesome ghost story!