Sapphire Life

Sapphire Life

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote this song lyric using a kinda 'mirror' method exercise. I picked a contemporary indie folk/rock song, took the lyric, and wrote my own words (and subject) as a mirror reflection of the structure, rhythm and rhyme structure.
As the lyric progresses and my mind gets lost in the moment, I often change things as I see that it is needed to suit my lyric, so that in the end the structure, rhythm and rhyme structure can be either slightly altered, or end up very different than where I started.
So for a bit of fun, can anyone work out what contemporary indie folk/rock song I used for my mirror exercise ?

13.7.19 - Michelle Lockey is my co-writer on this one (not 50/90). And I have just uploaded the initial demo !


if i could live, in a mirror bright
if I could give, myself more time
G C2
I’d change so much, a life of dust
a borrowed husk

No cried out thoughts of second best,
No dried out stalk, nothing (for) less
Standing strong in hollow winds
No greyed out life

Pre ch:
Bm G
I should have painted
Bm G
And I should have taken you in
C2 Asus4

It's been a sapphire life
Incredible yet blue
Incredible yet blue
In the colour of your shadow
But was it all true


One vict’ry shout, cry out loud, to the sky (no more doubt)
Seeds falling now, soon to bloom, catch my eye ( let it out (to the sky)
Glowing flame, the perfect game
In me

Pre Chorus



Nothing is stronger
Opened unbroken
Reality uncloaked and
Now I can see
Now I can see


If I could live, in a mirror bright
If I could give, myself more time
I'd change so much, a life of dust
A borrowed husk

No dried out thoughts
Of second best, a dried out stalk
Standing strong in hollow winds
No greyed out life

pre ch
I should have painted in colour

It's been a sapphire life
Incredible yet blue
Incredible yet blue
A firmament of colour in the shadow
Was it all true
Was it all true

bridge (kinda)
I'll keep going
Nothing yet strong
Discarded and broke
Reality uncloaked
A gap in the blindfold
So I can see

It's been a sapphire life
Incredible yet blue
Incredible yet blue
A firmament of colour in the shadow
Was it all true
Was it all true

But sometimes things can change
Can't they
Into an arc of spectral colour
That blows away the sapphire cloud

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I have no idea what song your used as your model but your introspective lyric is very strong. Let us know when the music happens.

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This has a great flow. I too cannot discern the song of direct influence. I love the image of an arc of spectral color. When I read spectral, my mind went to ghostly rather than rainbow. Either way, an evocative image.

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This is rather poetic, I like that line I should've painted in colour.
It's funny, being a hopeless muso, when I read sapphire I think of record styli, yeah the cheap ones were sapphire.
So yeah I would agree it's been a sapphire life for me, cheap record player needles! Biggrin

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I love the lines "It's been a sapphire life / Incredible yet blue". Looking forward to hearing your words put to music!

Edit: Woohoo, there's music now! These vocals are lovely, and the layering effect gives it even more of that indie feel. Definitely brings the lyrics to life - awesome job!

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This is beautiful! Sapphire is both my favorite stone and favorite color. (Sorry for the American spelling!)

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Such a visual 'feel' throughout! I like how verse 2 ends in "grey," and then the prechorus mentions color, and then the chorus explodes with it; the flow evokes a very visceral, almost 'perceptible' response in the reader. I can't wait to hear the demo version!

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Beautiful reflective song and collaboration. Very beautiful lyrics and music. Love the singing and the backing. Thank you for letting me know.

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These are such beautiful lyrics! This "I’d change so much, a life of dust / a borrowed husk" is so powerful! And this "Standing strong in hollow winds" just grabs my attention so well! The music and vocals are so amazingly lovely and work so very well for this song! What a great collab...a great write...a great performance...a great production...a great song!!

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I would never have any idea where you nicked your inspiration, but you've made an intensely personal (seeming) but powerfully relatable song of it. Gorgeous lyrics and a lovely demo.

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There are so many phrases that I love in here - “sapphire life”, “hollow wind”, “mirror bright”, “borrowed husk”, “a firmament of colour in the shadow”.... Such beautiful lyrics, and the musical accompaniment/performance is sublime.

Absolutely gorgeous!

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Nice melody, great voice, and I might have to try this mirror thing some time.