One-Minute Track #3 (Stormy Night)

One-Minute Track #3 (Stormy Night)

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One-Minute Track #3 (Stormy Night)

Liner Notes: 

This was written for one of the skirmishes, and the prompt was "Stormy night". It is also part of my one-minute series, consisting of tracks of one minute or less.
I actually commenced writing the song about a few days after the actual skirmish started, but here it is.
The lyrics were "sung" by the VST instrument Alter/Ego, used as a plugin for Mixcraft. The strings again were a virtual instrument.


Dark clouds roll over the sky
They push until the raindrops fall
There's a flash of white lightning
And rumbling, booming thunder

It is a stormy night tonight
Filling my heart with fright
What is the matter with this unrest?
Upsetting the night owls in their nest

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I'm dead curious how that AlterEgo vst works ? Do you sing into the daw and then apply the vst ?
Enjoyed this song, and I wanted it to go on much longer Smile

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Alter/Ego works via MIDI; no actual vocals are needed. Basically, it's a voice synthesizer.
If you have Alter/Ego selected as a VST instrument in a DAW, you can load a voice patch (I'm using the "Bones" voice) and use a MIDI controller/keyboard to make it "sing" words and syllables.

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A very unique sounding and enjoyable track. Glad you made it to the skirmish. I'm most interested in Alter Ego. I must add it to my collection. Thanks for sharing.

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You are living in the uncanny valley. Virtual instruments almost distinguishable from their symphonic counterparts. Robot vocals still recognizable as such but getting soo close to human performance. The overall effect is both beautiful and unsettling.