So Deep

So Deep

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Liner Notes: 

sometimes we are so deep into our own lives that our senses no longer perceive the outside world


I walked past that church every morning
But I didnt know what was going on inside
The garden was planted with crosses
For those who did not make it out alive
Refugees piled in the basement
Given sanctuary, food and clothes
I was so deep into my own life
I couldnt see beyond my nose

In the days when I was working
for the great Egyptian prince
Who threw my sister out the window
For writing an expose on him
I was grinding my beef on a bear rug
And drinking shark fin soup
When Morrissey came over the radio
And I was swallowing the goop
I was so deep into my own life
I couldnt see what was on the end of my fork
But when Morrissey sang Meat is Murder
That was my last hamburger

If we are all sons
And daughters of the universe
Why do we suffer
Taking each turn taken for the worse
Maybe when the heavens open
And we are forsaken
We will see ourselves
For what we are

I was so deep into my own life
I didnt see the kingdom around me
I couldnt hear the songs of the angels
Because the radio was blasting out heat
Sometimes I wondered where I came from
Sometimes I wondered where I will go
I was so deep into my own life
It was no wonder that I did not know
That I didnt know

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Great first first verse Bill. So true - as my ol Mum used to say - none so blind as those that don"t see. Easy to miss real life! a story worth telling

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Another very good song. Your vocals sound a little bit higher on this song, which sounds really nice. Not that they don't always sound nice, it's just the slight change is nice.

Lyrics are great, love the hook, and journey through the verses. Great.

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I think all to many people are so into their own liofe that they almost dont stop. I see all to many go with their head in their phones passing by or even worse taking pictures of missery and accidents. This song makes the image so alive. Great done

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The first and last verse are particularly strong... "It was no wonder that I did not know
That I didnt know."

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Really nice mate, giving it a bit of the old Van Morrisons there with the vocal. A moving lyric with lots of imagery and a sterling vocal, quite a performance I thought.

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The vocals remind me of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy.” Nice work!

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Quite involving and moving. This is some serious self-examination, some great lines and world-weary insights, and very soulfully delivered.

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Such a rich, deep delivery of these lines....really brings it home. Vivid details that send a message that makes you think. A good song with a good message that needs to be heard.

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For me, the best song this project, lyric, execution, track. One line does not fit for me, a "nail sticking up" that needs hammering down Smile -- almost like from another song. Otherwise, nearly flawless, so to speak. A well applied vocal style. The rhtymic flat pick syncopation, accents works, silence, etc. For me, though a laid back feel coud/would be a quite, "harder" (rock?) song... so many defs of "rock" almost useless unless you get what I mean.

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-- Anyway, for me, this is your dick clark, top-40, classic- BW song that MTV and Jools is gonna want you for Smile Oh, yeah, and for presidential inaugurations you'll have to turn down, accept, or faux outrage for non-lic'd use Wink -- yeah, how u no u made it then!

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Powerful and poignant message heard here Bill - and a soul stirring performance. I love it!

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An epic on ego grinding. They will be opening those heavens soon. Vegans only get the text. You are really in your element here - there's a lot of van morisson and well, bill white Lol

Pam Grisham's picture

Beautiful and oh, so sad! "I couldn't hear the angels..."