Dare To Do It Poorly

Dare To Do It Poorly



Liner Notes: 

Starting out this 50/90, I realized I was having trouble getting a good start on any songs because I kept shooting down all my ideas before they even had a chance to grow, afraid that they weren't going to be "good enough". After a few days with no song to show for it, I realized that even if I wrote something I wasn't proud of, it would still be better than not writing a song at all, because being able to write a "bad" song is still one step closer to being able to write a good one. So I wrote myself a motivational song about embracing the possibility of failure as an opportunity to learn, rather than being paralyzed at the start line by the fear of making mistakes.



I know you're afraid to move
I know you're afraid to fail
"Do it right or don't do it at all"

If you only accept perfection
If you obsess over each detail
You won't make the jump if you could fall

You're haunted by your future mistakes
And to that, I say:

Dare to do it poorly
Dare to do it badly
Though you don't feel ready
Take the first step anyway

Dare to do it halfway
Dare to fall flat on your face
Though you might look silly
Keep on failing forward, you'll be okay

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Nice little ditty, lyrics are good and your singing is very proper. Enjoyable listen, I quite liked the outro bit.

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Pretty good advice, especially in this challenge. I like the piano and singing...well done! Also, the melody is great as I can still hear it in my head and it's been over a minute now. Good one!

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Not bad at all! I think we can all relate to the message and this is a great way of channeling that. It's a very cute, catchy little jingle. Love the chorus melody, harmonies, and little piano solo at the end. Fantsstic song.

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Great inspiration! And I really love the line 'You're haunted by your future mistakes'

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A nice title got me curious. Good melody, words, and harmonies. I especially like the piano backing and how it suggests a certain type of modern mainstream pop song style. With the instrumental section, you have ingredients of a full song. It needs more words, obviously, but right now you have a solid foundation. And that is very inspiring.

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This is great. They lyrics are very wise, the melody is strong. The arrangement is very good and suggests a musical show song. This could so easily be part of a musical. The vocals are very nice to listen to. Like @Klaus the title drew me in. Great work.

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Fantastic Message, Beautiful arrangement. Great playing and singing.

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Good message and the piano embraces it nicely. Good vocal too. 50/90 is all about creating...rather than perfecting, so no worries..you're on your way!

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Absolutely the right attitude to starting songwriting. That midi piano sounds rather cute. Lovely inspirational song, hope to hear lots more from you over the next few months.

It's all good, all works, and hard to understand you are having challenges as you comment. Part of learning is know how to specifically ask, specific people, specific questions, -- after you've observed their music, and "online" demeanor as in "real life" (can take a little while). However, many, while good producers are not good teachers, so there's that too.

Guitar, singing and songwriting, -- learning are a great combination as all at once task since a Chord has 3 notes, e.g. C is c e g and one sings one of them for the lyric, so you learn the sing-note feel, guitar-neck note, the Chord Triad notes, and the Note on the neck first 3 - 5 frets. In my mind, that sentence, is the "keys" to it all. Smile Once you've got that down in like, 3 - 4 weeks is all it should take, look up "Modulation" for chords. Again, in my mind, without the "explanation", is the "it" of it all. And the "struggle" with it, is the learning process, the pedagogy as some say Smile -- it's all self-taught, there is no other way, ime/imo.

So, derUgo Wink

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These harmonies are smooth as butter! Also love the song writing, structure, lyrics and performance. nice work and great start!

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lovely start. great advice, i think 50/90 and FAWM are ideal for putting your advice into practice. nice performance too. can imagine it in a stage musical.

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I think this is something we can all relate to. Smile This is nice, motivational lyrics with somewhat melancholy music. The chorus is nice and catchy too. I'd say you're off to a great start already!

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Failing forward is a great idea! The whole idea behind 50/90 isn't it Biggrin Love the bouncy melody, the harmonies, and the lilting piano line. Lovely way to get on the board!

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Failing forward is totally what FAWM and 50/90 are all about. I wrote a song in my first FAWM called "Dare To Suck" along much the same lines. Biggrin Also, you're among friends here. Even if you mess up, we'll find something positive to encourage you with. (And this song is no mess-up, let me assure you!)