My (Alien) Heart's Gone Too

My (Alien) Heart's Gone Too

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Liner Notes: 

Done for @metalfoot 's Fake It challenge.

I kind of fell into this interesting take on the challenge when I wasn't super comfortable with the subject material - adding the vocoder changed a lot of things.


See for I did not stray far from the formula with lyrics.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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great. The music is compelling - had to listen it through and 5 1/2 mins is a long time for me. On my saved list one of my favourites so far!

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I love the Smiths/Cure/Depeche Mode style interpretation on this. BTW mine first was 5 minutes so this one is not unusual. Well done faking it!

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Sorry the lyrics weren't your cup of tea-- but glad you were able to make something awesome out of it anyway!

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I've just started series 3 of Stranger Things. This fits that era and mood perfectly.
Well done.

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Very nice elegiac 80s version of the words; romantic (in the 'new wave' sense) and just relentless in its beat and those swell arps. This is absolutely convincing as a tale of lost friendship between Elliott and E.T. from Spielberg's 80's E.T. movie. I mean, it fits that just perfectly! Very nice interpretation!

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I am delighted!! I did the challenge too and I love hearing how each person interprets it. The synth! Loved it.

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This one turned out great. The synth sequence in the verse gives the song immediately an urgency that heightens the lonely and lost feeling. Chorus is really quite gorgeous. @metalfoot's lyrics are really dark and desolate, maybe not for everybody but your music and '80s synth-pop sound actually fits them to a tee. And for Alex's credit, the way he shuffles minor and major chords is very close to brilliant.