The Riddle

The Riddle

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Liner Notes: 

Glad to share my first after hardly having touched an instrument or mic after last fawm..

Sonar sound is from freesound.


The riddle is taking you down
The riddle is taking you down
The riddle is taking you down
The riddle wants you to be found

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Ooo love the music! Mysterious and pulled me in to the rest. I love it!

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Good one Ferry! Progressive in an Eno-esque way. Leaves me wanting more in this vein.

JamKar's picture

Good one Ferry! Progressive in an Eno-esque way. Leaves me wanting more in this vein.

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This sounds like an overture to what will surely be three months of fantastic music from you

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Very cool, very spacey. Really enjoyed this. The sparse, repeated lyrics suit the ambiance perfectly.

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Cool, full production. Love the ambient, fuzzy guitar. Dig the voice too!

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I love that full sound you get! really nice. Nice thought provoking lyrics

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Yes nice work. Really pulls together and keeps you guessing at the same time. This is not my genre, but iI really enjoyed this one.

Silver Machine's picture

Strange, swirling, other worldly, almost gaseous sounds pulsate as your plaintive voice emerges from the billows with a riddle.
Like you're trapped on another planet in a sauna in a sumo suit.

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No Ferry, this Riddle is not taking me down, it's taking me up and keeping me there for a long time. That guitar sound is really awesome and though I didn't realize at first I think @JamKar's Eno comparison is spot on ( circa Here Come the Warm Jets ). Your music is still more emotional and moving and your lyrics don't slip into obscure wordplay. You are a man with a vision and a mission. Smile

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Definitely hear 1974-era Eno in this ... it really swirls and swirls like some kind of psychedelic ice cream cone. Nice vocals ... not sure if I've heard you do falsetto before. The weird acoustic interlude/ending really effective! I also like that dropping sound. Fab start!

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Oh yes, I have missed that lovely Ferry sound!
So lush and rich.
Fabulous in the headphones.
Nice guitar line - wonderful tone.
I like how the vocals kind of blend in with the rest, like another instrument as opposed to the main attraction.
That end section is a nice contrast; as if the song has suddenly plunged underwater.

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To me this kind of has an almost 60s psychedelic feel to it. The song's swirls and ebbs and flows carry me away; it feels searching and longing, and I very much enjoyed the journey.

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To me, there's something Beatles-like about this, only with a more psychedelic soundscape. The sonar sound is a nice touch, I might steal that idea Wink Good stuff!

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Wow, the atmosphere - all that reverb and dreaminess and sustained notes...instantly dug this.
OH! Then the vocal style you chose AND the fx you put on here. I'm reminding of a song called Spinning Away that I had forgotten the name of and couldn't find again for years and years - but the dreamy character of the vocals and its melody...I could still hear - drove me crazy!
This has that same floating away, distant, dreaming feel, and I love it.
That ending...its more of a feeling than it is a sound - dunno if that makes sense. You managed to many things in just those few seconds...even AFTER the great meat of the song.
One of the best things I've heard, 50/90 or otherwise, sincerely.

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Very atmospheric and enticing. I like the overall production on this...killin'!

Go track, an interesting vibe with all kinds of neat sounds, an engaging listen for sure.

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Looking at the lyrics...simple message but quite interesting. Ready for the audio...hold. Wow...not sure what sound that is but it is a full sound (I have the headset on). Vocals now...sounds good. Guitar sounds cool. Lots of layers on this track. Break now....that works nicely. Spacey sound. Love the soft vocals in the back. Ok, I guess that's it. Sounds pretty good to me...great job!

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Oooh a song made by ghosts. I really like the guitar melodies and that 'boop boop boop' stuff. I mean, I like it all. It's catchy and strangely uplifting.

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I like the idea of your super simple lyric, making the voice almost an instrument. I'm gonna have to STEAL that idea. This is a musical smorgasbord!

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Love this, like musical white noise......wonderful effects done well. Almost hypnotic to listen to....

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I the feeling I get, like floating on a slightly more disturbing body of water than would be completely comfortable, but floating still.