Your 4 -1 - 1 (Last Call Version)

Your 4 -1 - 1 (Last Call Version)

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Liner Notes: 

so here are the sames lines spoken by a different guy at the end of the night, the desperate hour when the barteder gives the last call.


What’s your name
What’s your sign
Do you drink
Whiskey, beer or wine

Are you new
To this place
Never seen
Such a lovely face

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

What’s your job
Got a pet
Do you think
It’s fate we met

Are you new
To this town
Never seen
Your face around

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

Tell me your hopes
Share all your fears
Tell me your dreams
Share all your tears

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

I’ve got to get to know you
By your beauty I am stunned
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 - 1 - 1

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This definitely has the intimacy and confidential feel of a bar about to close. Enjoyed much!

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This could have been written for Bill - perfect song for him. Nice one Deanna good lyrics. Spot on Bill

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Perfect collaboration... I feel like I’ve been to this bar and know they guy... you get a sense of the urgent tired desperation to make a connection at closing time.

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Great collab, very intimate lyrics, great instrumentation. Love the darkness in the performance

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same comments as the other version really but with added perkiness Wink I think i prefer this one of the two, has a bit more dynamic to me, but whatever both versions represent a lovely collab, well done both!

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Okay, so this one is very different...there is that sense of hey, come on.....let's do this. He's more "out there". The lines come across naturally with the they are true to life...and this one sounds good too! Hey, great work!

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Felt like I was in my younger years, sitting next to a table of attractive women, and eavesdropping on a pick-up line parade. Well delivered version of the lyric!

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After listening to both a few times, I think I slightly favor this one. But @billwhite51 did great on both versions

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Great lyrics by Deanna and I feel this was the perfect musical delivery for them.
Boozy feel to this with the looseness of the vocal and melody structure, jangly (this is a good thing) strumming and the scene the lyrics paint.

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Another fine performance of Deanna’s lyrics.

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I had to hear this version, too. Again, brilliant country jukebox stuff. Yeah, this guy is different - more buzzed, more up-close. Now I can picture the guy in the first song working up the courage to speak to the woman as he rehearses his lines. The guy in this song is right there on the next bar stool.
These lyrics could also work in a crunchier country-blues-rock way, like one of my favorite Bob Seger songs "Fire Down Below."