Potato Chips

Potato Chips

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Liner Notes: 

You got a favorite brand of chips?
And when you go to the store, you hope with all of your might that they carry your favorite brand of chips??
...cause you don't eat just any ol' brand, you HAVE to have YOUR BRAND!!!
err...heh...excuse me, sorry...heh...
Started with browsing through my drum kits and got a 90s r&b vibe from one of them, programmed a typical beat from back then.
Was gonna find some vocal samples, but decided to use my synth vox.
For whatever reason, "potato chips" popped into my head and the rest is salty history Smile
So synth vox (AlterEgo VST) is doing all the vocals and also the "doo" lead in the vamp.
A disclaimer for those of you who have never heard my stuff with the synth vox before - I have trouble getting it to pronounce certain words clearly, so you might wanna see the lyrics (ex. the chorus)


I wonder do they have my brand here?
Please, just have my favorite brand of potato chips...

(robo voice)

I can't find my
Favorite kind
Of potato chips
Potato chips

just have
my brand here

I wonder do they have my brand here?
Please, just have my favorite brand of potato chips...

I don't like
Certain types
Of potato chips
Potato chips

I wonder do they have my brand here?
Please, just have my favorite brand of potato chips...


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It's going to be stuck in my head. There's a nice musicality to the words "potato chips" that will never escape me again!

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trust yourself mate. This is excellent - you are in the groove now! Dang its in my head!

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Love how you take a rather mundane relatable topic as the nugget for this song and weave such awesome layers of synth sounds and rhythm around it that it becomes as appealing as that favorite bag of chips where the listener wants more!

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Man, this is all kinds of groovy! The production on this joint is on point. And that you used something as unassuming as potato chips to make this killer jam is fantastic. Well done, my friend!

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heehee...this is pretty adorabs. I like the drums in this. I could totally see your fave brand of potato chips picking this up in a commercial. as with your other song I heard the 2:35ish mark starts to really get a groove on.

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I really love the vocoder work on this!

EDIT: Or wait, I guess that's not exactly a vocoder? Fascinating! I've never tried anything like creating synth vox, I'll have to see what I can do!

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Okay this is amazing. I just love how absurd the lyrics are, I was actually laughing out loud listening to this. The vocals really remind me of Hannah Diamond too! Honestly this is a great song, especially when everything comes together at the end. Well done.

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Groovy, tasty, catchy and hypnotic as can be. The vocal effects are wonderfully goofy and fun. And what an array of sounds. Wow!