Your 4 -1 - 1 (Happy Hour Version_

Your 4 -1 - 1 (Happy Hour Version_

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Liner Notes: 

i hadnt finished reading the first verse of Deannas lyric before I started singing it. aftercr doing a sincere rendition, I listened back ad found i was missing a lot of what had been put into the lyric, so I worked out another, looser drunk version, sohere is the first, sincere guy. next comes the drunk with the same lines.


What’s your name
What’s your sign
Do you drink
Whiskey, beer or wine

Are you new
To this place
Never seen
Such a lovely face

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

What’s your job
Got a pet
Do you think
It’s fate we met

Are you new
To this town
Never seen
Your face around

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

Tell me your hopes
Share all your fears
Tell me your dreams
Share all your tears

I’ve got to get to know you
What do you do for fun
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 -1 - 1

I’ve got to get to know you
By your beauty I am stunned
Oh tell me all about you
Baby, what’s your 4 - 1 - 1

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This definitely has got the seclusion of a bar room (with just a couple of people) about to close. Very intimate and confidential.

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The sincerity comes through and it’s endearing. The music is pretty and the delivery on these lines is so adept. I can see how they can be taken in another more jaded direction, but I happen to like this version where the guy is genuinely stunned and smitten and just so eager to connect in whatever way he can find. Great collab!

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This was my fav of them. I really like how it turned out here. I like the looners view. Great played.

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lyrics capture something of a bar conversation (i don't know what 4-1-1 is though!) and the music adds to that feel, about to listen to the other version

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Very natural conversational lines in the lyric. I can see it happening. The music has a nice, gentle tone to it and the vocal comes across as quite sincere indeed. Now curious about the other version!!

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I like the lyrics a lot. They're uncomplicated and straightforward but also endearing. Great performance as well. I like the very relaxed guitar playing and heartfelt vocals. Well done!

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@billwhite51 - I keep listening to both versions of this. I love the slight difference in them. In case I haven't told you yet, they are WONDERFUL

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Wow, great take on the lyrics. I love the dynamics where you belt out the verse then bring it all back down again. Great collaboration. (Off to listen to the next version).

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I love this - heartfelt in a boozy, semi-desperate way. A collab that seems meant to be - these words were ready-made for music.
I'm really interested in hearing the second version of this song, too - these same words (spoken in some way in many a bar, and that's part of their beauty) in a different context. But this version is awesome - can it be topped?

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Love the short sharp lyrics and woozy, boozy atmosphere. Vocals, as always, wonderfully gritty.

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Living in Red-Neck country I can connect to this impressive (and Poetically written) list of one-liner Intros. Cliche' to the max it is... Would make a HUGE hit here in the Karaoke bars anywhere. Russ