'You Rocked My World Forever'

'You Rocked My World Forever'

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Liner Notes: 

Joined later as I wasn't at home at the time. Here is my instrumental. Thank you Corinne for the inspiration.
Music open to collaborations if you hear words/vocals, etc.
Thank you for listening, commenting, sharing your thoughts with me.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the melodies and the harmonies you worked out for them- and the texture/sound of the instruments is interesting, tho it might work even better if they were a little less 'strident' sounding, maybe? (just a thought, feel free to ignore). nice composition! fun stuff!

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Good listen. The drone sound reminds me of bagpipes. Nice work.

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That's a very pretty melody you created and I like the themes that develop along with it. I would probably prefer it with a 'softer' instrument, as the buzzy quality of that synth was a bit overwhelming to the beauty of what you've done, imo. Two listens, the second I could more fully appreciate the music, once I had gotten used to the sound of that synth. The melody feels like a Celtic one, with loyalty and love, and triumph toward the end. Very beautiful composition.

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Somehow Mike Oldfield came to mind. Sounds like a sound track to an adventurous movie!

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A different sound for you, Nadia. I like it! It sounds like a Russian folk melody to me. I like how you're experimenting with different sounds

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I liked the unique sound of this and the more exotic feel to the melody.

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i love the melody - its an unusual mash but works to my ears - very electronic yet has a medieval feel cool stuff

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Enjoyed the listen. I definitely connected the music with the prompt and inspiration.

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It is soooo cool to hear your work outside of the piano. You should have seen the smile on my face when I first heard the synth. I hear the skirmish theme all in this, Nadia. Great work!

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Again, so impressed by what you produce in one hour! I love this kind of medieval vibe running through the track. It sounds like a sci-fi movie set in a castle.

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Well done to create this inside an hour ! I agree re the sci fi movie in a castle picture, nice melody Smile

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Your skirmish compositions always sound so well developed for an hour! I haven't heard you use this synth sound before. More toys to play with! Well done

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This is a departure for you and it's great that you are experimenting with new sounds. Very energetic music. I think this could be a good synth-pop melody and main riff. It only needs a drum loop or some kind of rhythm machine and some cool bass line to go with.