Don't You Rock My World

Don't You Rock My World

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Liner Notes: 


host Corinne54
prompt (Don't) Rock My World

More math...
"Recent earthquakes in California" has 9 syllables. Don't You Rock My World has 5. The 5:9 interference rhythm is in the melody. I took snippets from it for the bass rhythm.

I'm not trying to be programmatic even though the radio type noise could be breaking news.
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



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How interesting to use "5:9 interference" Very cool and inventive take on the prompt!

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I don't understand what "5:9 interference" is, but I like the track. This electronica you is new to me, but from the words "more math" I take it you're on a roll with it. How cool to be experimenting with new directions. It's a great way to use these challenges.

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nice! this has a great past-future kind of sound (what in the 80s or 90s was a representation of "future music" so its both nostalgic and looking forward, if that makes any sense! and a bit of a worldbeat kind of vibe too...

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Very interesting, clever and cool instrumental and take on skirmish.

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I love this! Great production... I would have this on in my earphones cycling to town. You were only a minute later than me on this! Hahaha...

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Yeah, that melody has a bit of kilter to it. Cool tune, nice atmosphere. I like that swoosh into the ending.

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Lots of interesting titbits in your soundscape. Liking the synth panning coming through my monitors. The ending was a pleasant decent! I had missed the earthquake reference when I did the skirmish.