You Rock My World

You Rock My World

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Liner Notes: 

Inspiration- The recent earthquakes in California. Terrible lyrics,but what the hey!


Something seismic happens to me
When we osculate
I start quiverin and’ shiverin’
Call it Kismet, Destiny, Fate

The earth opens wide
And threatens to swallow me whole
It’s not my fault you unlocked my vault
And found the key to my soul

You rock my world, like an earthquake
You make me moan, you make me shake
There’s only so much I can take
Before I crumble, tumble down

Before we met I was lost at sea
Just endless waves and foam
Fore and aft was the same to me
No star to guide me home

But you taught me to steer
My ship to shore
Stem to stern, you made it clear
You’re a safe place to moor

You rock my world, like a storm tossed boat
I find it hard to stay afloat
I don’t think there’s an antidote
I guess I’ll have to drown

You rock my world like a prizefighter’s punch
I sure love you a whole bunch
You knock me out and I’ve got a hunch
I’m going down down down (for the count)

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Wonderful analogies and images. Powerful expressions of fierce and wonderful love! Nicely done!

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Rich usage of adjectives in all the right and powerful ways. Super skirmish!

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That's fun. I haven't hear the word "osculate" since I was a kid. My Dad used it. I like the proper use of nautical terms too. Good write.

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"It’s not my fault you unlocked my vault / And found the key to my soul" - that line is a keeper! I also like the image of you formerly at sea "Just endless waves and foam". The whole lyric is like a riff on a theme and makes a properly gushing tribute to one's flame!

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Great use of language and well positioning the prompt into a believable story

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this has a style and panache all its own, and I like it!

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Very clever lyrics Corinne. Strong lines paint a very truthful picture. Thank you for your brilliant prompt.