Rock My World

Rock My World

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Liner Notes: 

And now for something completely silly (and 4-5-1, cuz, you know, skirmish).

What can I say; I had too much to drink recently, and that wormed it's way into my song. (And I was off to such a good start!)

EDIT: I was in too much of a hurry and didn't notice the inspiration for the prompt in the thread, so the recent earthquakes didn't enter my thoughts. Sorry to have missed that direction.


baby you rock my world
make my flag come unfurled
leave me limp as a noodle
that no longer can be twirled
leave me high as a kite
can I stay here tonight
cause I have no clue where
home is anymore

it was the talking
it was the moon
it was the way the night just followed afternoon
it was your eyes
no big surprise
it was the way we laughed that put me in a swoon


perhaps the drinking
perhaps the booze
I really liked the part before I took a snooze
it was those sheets --
high thread count sheets!
the tender way you helped me slip out of my shoes

now don’t misunderstand
i had nothing like this planned
but you got under my skin
and this is now the shape I’m in!


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What a gem! Silly is good and you did silly so well!

corinne54's picture

This is such a fun song Barbara! Great great job. You put a smile on my face Smile

JWHanberry's picture

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Good reporting on your part. Wink I like the happy energy of it. Too much fun is sometimes just enough.

musicsongwriter's picture

Silly song? Really? You don't do yourself justice Barbara. It's a gorgeous song! And you didn't have to chose the direction, it's a theme for our interpretation. I've noticed the direction when I composed mine as well. The whole fun is how many different directions we find Smile

mike skliar's picture

what a great idea, and you did it with a smile and so well.... bonus points for 'high thread count sheets'! (!) ah, the reality of love! Smile

great fun!

kahlo2013's picture

That was delightful and a little sexy fun response to the skirmish! Very enjoyable!

TomS's picture

Hey there is a major II chord in there. I expected 4-5-1. False advertising! J'Accuse! Also, what is noodle twirling! No, I don't want to know! Smile

Much fun this song is. Biggrin

thisisbeckyw's picture

There are a lot of great rhymes in this song, but I especially love unfurled/twirled - I never would've thought of that!

crisp1's picture

Your singing is awesome on this and it's a fun, catchy tune. Wonderful work for a skirmish!

Cicpisces's picture

Sweet complete song. Nice sing along rhythm. Feel the playfulness of the lyrics. Good skirmish

wobbie wobbit's picture

love it. made me smile and chuckle, lots of great lines- love noodle and the high thread count sheets in particular! utterly charming - great skirmish Smile

Jibbidy34's picture

Fabulous write. Slick lyrics and your story is adorable. I can imagine this sung as an Irish folk song! Sung just before pub closing time by the crowd of course Biggrin

Klaus's picture

This is absolutely lovely. I really like this one. It's lighthearted and playful, not so much silly really or all the way silly. There are some lines with more serious undertones like not knowing where home is and slipping out of shoes, and the romantic infatuation is clearly genuine even when it's not planned. All this during a skirmish? That's a job well done, for sure.

Adnama17's picture

Barbara! I love every piece of this, the rhymes, the images, and especially the warble in your last line of vox! Get thee a banjo player and a good BGV guy and hit the road. Seriously!

Chip Withrow's picture

Delightful, playful song - your voice is charming and it sounds like you're singing with a smile! Bright strumming sound makes it even better, even more vibrant. Good one!

tamsnumber4's picture

I think you are fun when you drink, even if you are a noodle....LOL! This was fun, I was singing harmonies with you, a very good write and catchy tune!!