A summer day in the 1960's

A summer day in the 1960's

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Liner Notes: 

Mike- I came across Doug's (crisp1) excellent lyric, and decided it would be interesting to set it to music and do a quick demo. I really like that somewhat subtle anti-war message and the offhand nature of the faraway horror reflected at home. Sadly, its an old tale that keeps being retold.

So here's the demo- recorded live, with guitar and harmonica and vocal all on one track, old-school (tho recorded on the iPhone and then a little bit of eq/mixing on Audacity too) Enjoy!

Doug -- This is my first collaboration with Mike. He turned this around incredibly fast and did a really good job of it. I love the harmonica!


Running around in tattered old clothes
Feeling the cool grass
Tickle our toes
Taking a long drink
Straight from the hose
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard

Hula hoops twirl on little kid hips
Then we eat fresh fruit
Spit out the pips
Lemonade cools us
Big gulps or sips
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard

A neighbor lets herself in
Through the side gate
And asks if we have heard the latest
Billy Joe from up the street
Was killed in Vietnam
Everyone agrees he was the greatest

Recklessly flying down our Slip N’ Slide
Tossing the Frisbee
A grownup sighed
Mrs. Long said it
Was all justified
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard
A summer day
In the ’60s
In our backyard

lyrics- crisp1 (doug)
music & performance- mike skliar

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Nice collab! Weaving the news into the timeless scene is a great device. The lift on "yard" works really well.

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Great contrast between the beautiful nostalgic imagery and the death in the war. Well written and played both of you.

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I like what you did with Doug's lyric...went minor chord, I thought it was a bit unusual for what at first seemed like a nostalgic reverie, until the Vietnam verse...aha, this is more grim than at first meets the eye! Excellent twist of plot by Doug and great matter-of-fact telling of the tale by Mike.

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That harmonica is killing me. I love it. This collaboration went so well!! The lyrics are great and the way it sings is so perfect.

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Really like this guys. Beautifully done, and very evocative of the time.
The fine lyric lulls you with nostalgia for lost summer days, then sneaks the reality of Vietnam in through the side gate.
I'm a sucker for that harmonica.
It made me feel a teenager again and made me think of Country Joe if I remember him correctly.

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This is excellent. The horror of war subtly thrown into a nostalgic song. Agree with other commenters, the harmonica is excellent. I always feel like harmonica works best as a kind of poignant instrument and so adding it in this way backs up what the lyrics have done.

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I read the words first, knowing that Mike would do something amazing with it.
Heartfelt, personal coffeehouse-style performance. The chord progression is suitably haunting. Awesome!

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That harmonica brings me back to the 60s. The 60's
I survived the 60s... some of my friends didn't... Sad