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Liner Notes: 

This is kind of what I like to do most at 50/90 - find some excellent lyrics from another 50/90er and hopefully they'll agree to let me loose with adding some music.
Thanks to Cindy for allowing me to collaborate. I did change a word in one line and a line in another verse but hopefully Cindy doesn't mind too much Wink


© 2019 Cindy Prince

If I could cover myself with layers
If I could heal with just prayers
But the pain cuts like a razor
I'm raw

If I could bury myself somehow
If I could get past the here and now
But my future is covered in doubt
I'm raw

I'm raw, raw, raw
I'm raw, raw

If I could just lift myself up
If I could get past this breakup
But how can I face myself closeup
I'm raw

If redemption will be my grace
If it's me I am willing to embrace
If I am happy in my own space
I won't be raw

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Amazing musical setting for this strongly emotional lyric. The little tweaks I think serve the lyric well. Worth listening and relistening!

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Oh thank you! The music is brilliant and you couple changes work so well. I want to listen over and over too!

billwhite51's picture

what a gorgeous collab. the music fits the lyric so well and lthe lyric fills and lifts the music

crisp1's picture

This came out great! I love it all, from the guitar to the drums and vocals. What wonderful music for the lyrics Cindy came up with!

Amanda West's picture

Mr Pannacotta, your songs always give me immense pleasure, and this is no exception. I could hear this being recorded by an Irish country music star (yes we do have them lol). Great collab and beautiful song in every way.

headfirstonly's picture

Tim's music is the perfect complement to Cindy's lyrics here. That wistful blend of melancholy and a dash of optimism really tugs on the heartstrings. And then that gorgeous slide guitar to top everything off is the icing on the cake. Wonderful stuff, folks.

Pam Grisham's picture

Wow! Beautiful, vulnerable lyrics, Cyndi. You always amaze me - you're a great lyricist. The music is amazing, too! Love the drum and the bass. The acoustic finger-style guitar takes my breath away and the electric guitar feels like going home. I love this song!

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such a touching lyric, loved reading this
and the Tim gives it that perfect music
what a great get together guys, wonderfull

Mt.Mélodie's picture

Lovely emotional lyrics and fitting tasteful music that's performed and arranged really good. Great collab. That sparse slide guitar solo is really nice.

Acousticmaddie's picture

This is very emotional and catchy. It goes straight to the heart. Well done

oneslowtyper's picture

Being a fan of both Tim and Cindy, I knew I had to come give this a listen, and what a beautiful collab this is!

3tdoan's picture

Love!! The lyrics cut close to the bone and the arrangement is gorgeous. Love the pulsing rhythm, harmonies. I do like the slight alterations to the lyrics too. Amazing work guys!

(came here thanks to @metalfoot’s rec on the forum thread for suggested songs, good call!)

gregjwere's picture

Really nice work, love the momentum generated throughout the song, with drums and guitars.

splittybooms's picture

I'm digging the production value and musicianship. Great vocals/voice!
Nice writing by cindy as the foundation which really lend themselves to the style.
So well done...
All the little touches with the music. Those guitar lines sound so good.
Excellent mix in my headphones.
Great collab and track.

fresh spotless youth's picture

Damn, this is pretty much perfect in every respect. I love the way it chugs along in its beautifully melancholic way. How can I face myself closeup—great line and great lyrics. It all flows so brilliantly I have a hard time believing the singer didn’t write the words

NuJ4X's picture

Cindy always has epic lyrics! I really liked the music you added and the vocal performance! Your accent (or what I perceive as your accent) works very well with it! The melody / harmony of "I'm raw, raw raw" was awesome! It definitely grabbed my attention and made me smile big time!

I'd have to say wonderful job giving these lyrics such a great feel! I picture a man walking down the road doing a silly dance, dancing like no ones watching, and singing this song!

brandondale_72's picture

All of this is wonderful. This song has an interesting soothing or cathartic element to it, especially the chorus. Lovely lyrics, touching rendition. Nice work folks!

TheTau's picture

Brilliant music for these FLAWLESS lyrics, love it

sherrycanary's picture

Gorgeous music. love the repetition of raw.
Understated passion
Brilliant collab