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Liner Notes: 

Another idea for an animated short film cue.

Stems available here, but they're a slightly different set of instruments (Idiot Boy overwrote some files...):

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Fun upbeat addictive feel. Cool melody line and great beat. I feel like I’m in of those games where the character is exploring a room running into all sorts of findings as they look for the passage way out. Would be a great track!

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Dunno. Maybe something with robots in it? Something set in space? Maybe there's a collage of them building something, and this is the background music?

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It's like the 1980s vision of the future. I can totally imagine this having been the theme tune to Tomorrow's world. Loads of fun.

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I see little cute space critters (must be cuddly and furry) exploring a new planet and having fun Smile

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I want to play that video game. :). Toward the end the suths sounded enough like speech that I was trying to understand what they were saying. This is one addictive piece.

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Very fun listen. The quick beat had me bouncing. Lovely mix of sounds!

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The subtle glockenspiel under the main synth really makes it fly. Funky and fun!

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Lovely active bass line here.
I like the laser-like synths, too.
This track is really getting me going this morning while I'm drinking my coffee.
Really nicely done!

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Mmmm...those arpy rhythms..
Digging the sound choices.
Such great drive to this during the parts where everything is firing. Excellent drums!
Very nice, indeed!