Potter's Field

Potter's Field

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Liner Notes: 

A man I knew died last year. I read his obituary, and it said he would be buried in a potter's field. It seemed like such a sad and lonely end. I have changed the one name of a person in the song.


Potter’s Field by Jessica Graae ©2019 all rights reserved

He was laid in a potter’s field.

A spoke in a broken wheel.

Oh, Miranda.

Love was so tender.

Oh, Miranda.

Was not forever.

In a forgotten place

A stone without a name.

Oh, Miranda.

Love was so tender.

Oh, Miranda.

Was not forever.

He was laid in a potter’s field.

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The space added to the loneliness and unresolvedness of the song.

barbara's picture

I love your darkly colored playing for this. Mournful, pensive, and yet crisp. Lovely.

billwhite51's picture

a spoke in a broken wheel,, that line is going to stay with me. i love the way you have boiled the story down to its essence. fantastic sound on your guitat and voice

cindyrella's picture

This just takes my breath with the sadness and perfection of the words and your delivery of them. Haunting.

mike skliar's picture

very powerful, and those pauses in the vocal really add a huge amount, the sadness and mystery are palpable and this is wonderful.

MarkG's picture

Like a gem stone: small, crystalline, and beautiful.

aricate's picture

Heartbreaker! I love the vocals, the guitar, the sparseness of the words that hold such heavy meaning. What a great song!

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Beautiful and sad. Really nice work. I could listen to you sing for hours. Smile