Three Days With No AC

Three Days With No AC

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Liner Notes: 

Sorry for my sloppy guitar work. I recorded this really quickly

This is a song about coming home from a vacation, and realizing your house is unbearably hot inside cause you've had the AC turned off the whole time you were gone.


It’s like a fucking sauna in here
Feels like it’s 90 fucking degrees
Only been away for three days,
Three days, with no AC.
This is house is sweltering
And humid enough to drive me insane
It’s melting down my brain.
Like ice cream down the drain,
My brain drips down my spine and
I can’t think right
I feel disgusting
I’m a sweaty mess and yet I’m slowly fading

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Biggrin . Such a nightmare scenario, and you recount it with such tremendous humor and vigor. It sounds kind of like an acoustic version of a 90s pop-punk classic, with all the energy and attitude intact. Terrific!

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Yeah, it is too hot here too, I don't like it. The heat that is, the song's great.