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Liner Notes: 

Recorded a couple days ago as the last track completed for my latest EP (ironically first on the EP's tracklist). This song is about friendship fading, and the feeling that the end is inevitable.


You’re not an open book, you’re just
missing your cover, and your pages torn,
And as you sit collecting dust,
I can see right through you

We’ll make some plans for Friday night.
But I know you’ll find a way out,
Just some excuse from the top of your head,
You’ll think it sounds convincing enough

And I wish you’d tell me to my face,
But I guess you don’t care enough
So you make your excuses
You make your excuses

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face
You were going to school in another state
But now that you’re home again, I’m wondering
Are we even the same as we were when we left off?
But if I was to ask you directly,
You’d act surprised and pretend that you
don’t know what I mean

And I wish you’d tell me to my face,
That you don’t care no more
Just tell me you’re done with me
Tell me you’re done with me

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That is a really good song well done Alex i look forward to hearing more. You should put the lyrics up other then that good stuff.

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Great lyrics and vocal performance! This really sounds good, well done! Oh, and the vocal doubling works nicely.

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Ugh. the frustration is real. Definitely felt you, and your writing is very clear.

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Nice song. Angst comes through in the lyrics and singing. Nicely played too. Good work

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Over lapping the vocals really brings out the anguish of losing a dear friend. Really enjoyed listening to this. Biggrin