Naked Truth

Naked Truth

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Liner Notes: 

I'm pretty sure that either this melody is a folk song I've heard many times and can't remember or I've written it, but I really like the story. I'll tweak the music later.


Truth and Lie were sisters and they looked much the same
But Lie dressed in her finest and Truth in garments, plain
Lie said "the day is lovely. There could be no finer weather."
And Truth saw it was so and so they both went out together.

And this I say and this I say and need no further proof
A Lie gets by more easily when standing next to Truth

They walked until the sun was high to a well both deep and cool
Lie said "the day it is too hot. Let us wade into this pool.
"And our forms they are the envy of all the country women."
So she cast off her finery and into the well went swimming

And so it goes and so it goes and so it goes I fear.
We most believe the Lie when it is what we want to hear.

So Truth took off her garments and into the water waded
Then Like jumped out a laughing and their clothing she has traded.
And she ran to the village. She cried "beware deception!"
But they didn't recognize her for Lie is Truth's reflection.

And Truth be told and Truth be told and Truth be told, they cried
But Lie spoke in the guise of Truth and they believed the Lie

Truth went chasing after in a fury dark and spiteful
And the people they rejected her for the naked Truth is frightful
They threw her in the deep dark well... her punishment and prison
When confronted with the ugly Truth the people wouldn't listen

But Truth will out and Truth will out and Truth will out her cell
You can find Truth if you care to in the bottom of the well

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This is really wonderful- feels like an ancient tale, passed down by word of mouth for thousands of years, with a few stopovers in Shakespeare's time, etc.

great work!

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This is very well written and so solid in structure. I love the repeats "And Truth be told and Truth be told and Truth be told, they cried". Wow, I don't know how the audio will come out but the lyrics are amazing. Well done, indeed!

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Don't recognize the music but it works for the story, which is very creatively told. Excellent job!

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expertly written and told, so many fine lines in a narrative that also works as commentary, love the flute and the guitar rhythm,,,, atmosphere and propulsion.

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So very creative, the way you personified the truth and the lie, and our tendency toward preferring the lie.

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Another terrific mythical / allegorical track, with tremendously clever lyrics and lovely folksy music with tons of energy that propels the story forward. I very much enjoyed it!

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I can’t help but hear this song as political, seems very up to the minute. And the sound is ancient! Interesting contrast. The counterpoint vocal harmony is cool, and sounds to me a bit like Gregorian chant or something a harmony that’s not quite of our time.

I love the lyric, very smart. The lie stands next to the truth. They look very much the same, but Lie dresses better. Lie is a reflection of the truth. And of course I love the plot twists that get us to Naked Truth! The title.

My criticisms are minor — I think they should go swimming in a pool or maybe a stream or something besides a well. My visual of a well is that it’s deep and dark, and not something you could wade into and it would not be inviting.

And the vocal pitch is a bit off, if you had time to re-record it I bet you could improve that aspect.

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Love the truth at the bottom of the well. The conga gives the tune a great drive.

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Great story telling / insightful and poetic!
Love the music!

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Excellent song! The wisdom in the lyrics is expressed so beautifully! Very clever and very True! The music is just delightful and sounds like a classic from a time when troubadours roamed the land spreading mirth and hidden wisdom! Love the harmony parts too! Nicely done on the write and the performance!

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Oh well this is such a tongue twister in parts
but so clear and understandable
a long long tale for sure but one well worth listening to,
I read this about three times and loved it each time,
my hat is off to you a gem for sure

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I also heard this as political. Marvelous storytelling. The core idea, a personification of Truth and Lie, is brilliant.

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So clever! I love the storytelling and the allegory and well...all of it!

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Phenomenal it is. Love that Flute exotic it is, too... Is it a real instrument or a synth. A classic Melody for this style though I haven't heard one exactly like it, it still has all the good qualities of the mariner style. Would be Ideal for a Renaissance Fair scene in a film of that subject. Keep up the excellent work Russ Smile