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Liner Notes: 

The skirmish concept was to use two or more numbers in the title or theme. The inside of my head has been filled with sixteenth notes for the past several days, trying out stresses on the fourth sixteenth note of the measure, then moving to other stresses between the beats. Fast! With feeling! Add surprise but stay intentional and precise! And this song is me practicing these ideas, messing up,and commenting on it.

I did this within the skirmish hour but had file-hosting problems. Thanks to Jen and Eric Distad, I'm back in action.


Um ...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I admire your commitment to in-depth exploration of rhythm. It is a rich topic too often bypassed. Have fun with it. (It sounds like you are.)

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music is math plus feeling
I respect and admire the practice you’ve been doing. This was a complex recording and I listened several times, attending to different pieces on each listen. It was an exercise in concentration just to listen! Enjoyed.
EDIT: I swear I didn’t read the prior comment until after I posted. The admiration is just rampant.

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wow, there's alot happening there! quite wild, being inside someone's head like that! impressive!

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It's a room full of mingling Nancies minus glasses clicking and champagne fizz. The Mingling Nancies, incidentally, my new favorite band/art installation. Je les admire.

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What a wonderfully and uniquely creative take on the skirmish prompt! Love the exploration of the rhythm and the somewhat chilling effect of displacement that you accomplish!

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That was really cool! Definitely achieved that displacement effect

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There’s a relaxed layer mixed into the chaos layers. I found myself trying to focus on it. Meets the topic of displacement for sure! Thanks for your visit!

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This is a successful experiment indeed. I seem to recall another composer did a similar soundscape based on the number 9 Smile .

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Awesome juxtaposition of rhythms here. It reminds me of a way jazzier version of "Einstein On The Beach" by Phillip Glass with the literal beat counting behind the piano chords. Order from chaos Smile

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I love that undercurrent of the count, one-ee-and-ah, two-ee-and-ah. The vocal is very attention grabbing, the interplay of those syllables. The drums and piano are there, but background. I'm rocking back and forth trying to locate the One! This grooves pretty hard, actually. Feral! Totally feral.

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Trippy sound art, dig the feel a lot!

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Gosh, Nancy. One again you've created something so unique and fun...and engaging. I had to listen a few times to really let it sink in; to let is speak to me. You make art fun!

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It does Feel displaced. Interesting layers you created

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Oh, this is very cool, very unique and kept me wondering what was going to come up next. Very off-the-wall and "displaced" while keeping it fun! Nice work with the art of sound! It was awesome to meet you at FAWMStock this year! Smile

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I'm digging that spoken rhythmic track. It's cool. And your vocal is so smooth on top. I'm digging it.