Is That Too Many? You Tell Me

Is That Too Many? You Tell Me

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt to include a line with at least two numbers. So I ran with that notion along with recent discussions about instruments and viola, a list song.


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Is That Too Many? You Tell Me
5 string Banjo

I’ve got 12 guitars, 7 harmonicas, 4 xylophones, 3 shakers, 2 basses, 2 banjos, 2 keyboards, 2 djembes, mandolin, uke, dulcimer, strumstick, and a digideroo
Is that too many instruments?
You tell me

I’ve got 8 microphones, 5 microphone stands, 4 monitors speakers, 3 mixing boards, and a PA
Is that too many pieces of gear?
You tell me

I’ve got one wife of 26 years who loves me with all of her heart
And accepts me with all my creative friends and habits
And all of my faults

I’ve got 100 paintbrushes, 30 blank canvases, 17 tubes of water mixable oil paint, 3 easels, and a cabinet full of discarded pieces for mark making
Is that too many art supplies?
You tell me

Is that too many
You tell me
Is that too many
You tell me

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This is adorable. The enumeration puts me right there. Feels like a very abundant place indeed.

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Sounds like a good number for starters. Wink As long as you can still walk into the studio without too much trouble, you're doin' fine. Cute song.

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nope not too many - its all about the obsession with numbers. nice swap around to the "öne""

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It can NEVER EVER be to many instruments haha Smile Lovely tune, This made me smile

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Yeah, never too many instruments (except for maybe David Gilmour; didn't he just sell like 125 of his guitars? That's crazy!).
Great banjo work.
I like the conversational nature of your vocal delivery.
Nice tune here.
You made me smile.