There are Many Forms of Thirst

There are Many Forms of Thirst

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Liner Notes: 

I am late I know, but saw this quote (that is the title) from William Langewiesche and wanted to write a lyric based on it. Needs music and vocals.


There Are Many Forms of Thirst
© 2019 Cindy Prince

The desert holds secrets
Deep like the water beneath
The desert holds wonders
That it can unleash

The desert's open skies
The Milky Way in view
Rainbows aplenty
So much magic for you

A thirst for water
A thirst for the divine
A longing for freedom
In the desert you'll find
There are many forms of thirst
The desert is a universe

The desert is colorful and vast
Perhaps you'll find your home at last

The desert gives and takes
There is a yin and yang
There are birds of legend
Did you hear one sing?

The desert is genuine
In its dryness and it's storms
It calls for an adventure
As it takes on many forms

Repeat chorus

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we would love some of that water!!! very profound. Nice write

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The line "The desert gives and takes" is so profound. Great lyrics - hope it gets music

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The title lured me in - recently, I read a similar quote in a yoga-related piece of writing.
Then I went to your profile to check to see if anyone had put music to this one - it deserves to be heard!
I have actually never been to a desert, but yet I connect with your words on both a love-of-nature level and a spiritual-quest level.