Coming To Meet

Coming To Meet

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Liner Notes: 


host jwhanberry
prompt Coming to meet

Obviously not done but that's the idea. The coming to meet rhythm is in the little percussive part. eighth quarter eighth half. Somehow the meloday got lost. Maybe I can find it later tonight.

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



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Swell synth ditty; it bounces and grooves along quite nicely, all neon-lighted and robot-funky. I like the swooshes! (And the whole song too!)

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Great start and a moving groove. I hope that what was lost gets found.

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This has a wonderfully addictive quality with the mesmerizing bass line and the underfunding rhythm.

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Fun and funky Smile This is way too short, I wanted and needed more !

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Making a run through the demos updated thread, I found this one. Glad I did!
I listened once to enjoy the groove, and then I got on my yoga mat and did a quick sun salutation to it. I love that thick bass/synth sound!