Crocodile Smile

Crocodile Smile

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Liner Notes: 

I went way over time, but i also had time added for faffing and time out cos i am not 100% so i am still counting this as a skirmish in actual time spent on it. and better to get it out than mark it down as a fail just cos of stupid time...


you flash your teeth but they look like they might bite
your smile doesnt reach your eyes that are full of spite
your evil grin is so malicious
your loathsome leer just looks vicious

you're so vile and hostile
i see right through your crocodile smile

your smug little smirk actually looks quite fierce
your eyes and teeth both look like they could pierce
your snide little sneer seems so sinister
i trust you about as much as the prime minister

you're so vile and hostile
i see right through your crocodile smile

face contorted in a grimace
cold and heartless full of menace

you've got more bile
than jeremy kyle
i see right through your crocodile smile

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This. is. badass. The lyrics come and grab you by the throat immediately. "i trust you about as much as the prime minister" - wahahaha. Perfect subject for punk.

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Nice edge to this skirmish track. The raw feel! I like how you went a different way with the smile theme than most of the rest of us.

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oh yeah edgy - dont wanna see a real one smile - these false ones are bad enough - clever as usual (but im still singing Barry)

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Ha! Go, Wobbie! This is great... crocodile smile! Love all the imagery and angst going on here! Nicely done skirmish!

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‘Your smile doesn’t reach your eyes’. Great line! Captures your imagination perfectly and sets the tone for what’s to come. The passionate belting towards the end really drives the point home. Well done for getting this finished!

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Fun, high-energy put-down song; I can feel the venom through the cheerful, upbeat music, and your vocals have a wonderful sneer. Nice!

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I like your punk tunes; would love to see this on stage with a live band.
I think we've all met folks like this - the key is to identify them before they bite you.
Really nice work, Wobbie!!

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Sounds very much like a punk song, especially the ending repeating the main hook is very effective, memorable and is straight from the end of 70's British Punk scene. I like it!

I also think that the verses sound very natural and they have a good rhythm. You stress the words quite correctly. Smile