Take My Car

Take My Car

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Liner Notes: 

I have an ear infection. I can't hear squat. Smile Also, headphone mix!!! :0


Take My Car

You've got a plan and you'll make it fall
Dodgers and believers cannot end it all and I
Don't want to say what I don't believe
Never had a chance just to make it bleed
and I know about the way you keep it

Free and a line and a new guitar
Only limits here are where you take your car
And I don't want to tell you what you should believe
You'll never have a chance just to make it bleed
And I know about the way you keep it real

See, like a dream, like an endless sky
Only blue is in your eyes and in your mind
And I don't what to say what I cannot know
Never had a chance just to make it go
And I know about the way you keep it

Kind and I'm fine and you're all OK
Everybody's waiting for a better day
And I don't want to say what you can't believe
Everyone's a chance just to make it bleed
and I know about the way you keep it real

Take my car.

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Electric! Not quite sure what to make of "make it bleed" line but it certainly conjures up some visceral images which matches the driving energy.

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That was just what I needed... let it rock, TomS, let it rock. The lyrics are interestingly abstract too!

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Elemental but with a touch of mystery-- rocks off the edge, for sure.

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Love the POV flip between verses. The groove is wonderful.

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A nice big bellyfull of meaty rock n roll. Guitars are spread deliciously thick and the vocals are mustard.
You have a complete mastery of this power pop genre in my humble opinion. Very much enjoyed.
I used to get a lot of ear infections, I came to the conclusion it was my sorry headphone hygiene!

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I like how the verses flow into each other, and how you flip the perspective. "Only blue is in your eyes and in your mind". Great frickin line. Juicy guitars as always.
So you said you'd only have time for two songs this summer, but you already have two up. Now what? Wink

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I love this one! "I know about the way you keep it real" might be my favorite line I've heard so far this 50/90. It reminds me a bit of Matthew Sweet who is one of my favorites.

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Very good first song. I'd say it's even better than that, it's a bonza song! I immediately like the melody at the beginning, it's so catchy. And even though you've done lots of songs it still sounds fresh and energetic.

Also what strikes me with this one and other songs too ( all four so far ) is how relaxed you sound. And a really nice set of lyrics too on all of them. Oida! This is very strong start.

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I like this one! I love the full mix and the melody.