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Liner Notes: 

Late arrival to the skirmish so a five minute improv to the title prompt. Apologies for the slipping Cuban Grist guitar string slightly detuning (from open C5) as the recording proceeds.


Smile when the world seems wrong
Smile sometimes its better to go along to get along
Smile when things seem gray
Smile it might make someones day
Smile, smile, smile

Smile even when you feel blue
Smile theres a world of good it could do
Smile to make the darkness bright
Smile its the way I could shine a light
Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile

Smile even when life seems wrong and unfair
Smile its a way to be strong and show youcare
Smile reach out a helping hand
Smile and try to understand
Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile

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What a positive message, so good and I love these kinds of lyrics. The performance seems a little sad for these lyrics but it works well. Great job on the guitar and vocals!

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This is such a lovely bit of song, Andy, with the hypnotic guitar thrumming and the positive words of encouragement.

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the detuned wash is very engaging, it creates some lovely dischords, it reminds me of some kind of hippy retreat where they do sound bath healing. very gentle and relaxing

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I can almost hear crystal bowls being performed during this. It's pleasantly positive and made me smile. Meditational. Peaceful.

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I like the hypnotic drone of the guitar a whole lot. Direct, powerful lyrics with some interesting twists, and I like your intimate delivery. Good one.