How Strong

How Strong

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, so 3 in a row from the Titular! Why not, right? This is a different structure for me and I'm not exactly sure how it should go, especially at the end there. Suggestions are welcome! Smile



How strong is your heart
When it bleeds from the cold
Has burns and scars and
Nothing to hold

How strong are your fears
Imagined or real
Do they hold you back
Do they nip at your heels

Keep your arms open
Keep the ball rolling
Build a thick skin
When the day is exploding

How strong are your words
Full of promise and hope
Will you stand by them all
In the undertow

How strong are your dreams
When a cloud descends
And you find despair
Wants to be your friend

Oh, how strong
How strong
How strong is your heart

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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Wow, what a beautiful write. This is amazing!! Fantastic flow and nice, tight write. Wonderful imagery. Love, love, love this. Let me know when it has music!

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Strong and emotional writing. Despair wants to be a friend, that's a very good line. Technically speaking this looks like an AABA structure song with additional A and outro but I don't know how it'll work when sung. Maybe an additional instrumental section or something like that. I'm sure that the musician who does this can figure it out. ( Oh, not me at this stage! Smile )