Dear Barry

Dear Barry

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Liner Notes: 


Dear Barry
I am your biggest fan
I got posters of you on my wall
in fact you cant see the wall at all
you are my favourite man
i love the way your hair looks
i have got both of your books

that picture of you with champagne
the huge grin on your face
barry i think you are ace
where you're leaning into the chicane
on your 500 cc machine
i love you mr sheene

tell me what do you call your cats?
how many have you got?
i know that you have a lot
i have got 2 of your hats
with suzuki and a donald duck
and a number 7 for luck

that photo of your big crash
then on traction in a hospital bed
and your leathers all in shreds
that really was quite a smash
i am on traction too
fell off my bike pretending to be you

the nurses just went to the shop
got a poster to put on the ceiling
they know how i find you appealing
they knew it would cheer me up
you are my absolute hero
but now i have got to go

I will be watching when you're next on the track
i hope that you will win
and i can see your cheeky grin
Barry will you please write back
all my friends say that you won't
they bet me 50p that you don't

so as i look at my poster above
sending you lots of love

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How cool! You certainly have knack for original songs Wobbie, really enjoyed it.

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great song about a real legend! spent a lot of time out here! his adverts are still legendery here. sadly misssed but well done you

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Oh this was a hoot! Clever writing here - totally got across the adoring fan mail. I haven’t actually heard of Barry Sheene - oh deary me am I uncultured? Probably! Biggrin

OdilonGreen's picture

I very much liked this real-life story! It wonderfully captured the feel of a heartfelt fan letter, and the return letter was the perfect coda. I also liked the hints of darkness - the reference to nurses, and presumably a hospital and illness - made all the more affecting by Mr. Sheene's own death by cancer. It all adds a level of real tragedy to the facially upbeat music and words. Very clever / meta, and very well done!

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Awww, what a very nice endearment, Wobbie. While I was listening, I kept thinking about Evel Knievel. Your wording is clever (practically always) and you've got such a touch with composing original tunes. Never would have given this Barry person any thought, but you've now brought him to the forefront! Bravo!

headfirstonly's picture

This is so sweet - I'm sitting here with a goofy grin on my face. Barry was a total legend.

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This is very well done for such a short time. The story has a nice dramatical arc. The bit about being "in traction too" is really endearing and possibly offers some psychological insights into the level of genuine devotion. This is a nasta song. Wink

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Skirmish?! This story made me smile bigly, especially the copycat motorbike smash, wahaha. Also as a intense fangirl weirdo meself, this cuts a little close to home Biggrin

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Super clever lyrics, a little obsessive and very funny. I enjoyed this one Smile

Fuzzy's picture

Well I had to look up this Barry Sheene fellow, so now I get this song.
I'm loving these lyrics; they seem so lighthearted and happy, but there's a real note of obsession and desperation peeping through.
Really well done, Wobbie!

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i was drawn back to this! How cool would this be as a video!

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Never heard of Barry, but I could picture the adventures while listening. Nice one