Letter That I'll Never Send

Letter That I'll Never Send

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Liner Notes: 

A 1 hour skirmish by Wobbie Wobbit. First thing I did after I woke up this morning but quite happy with it for a 20 minute sketch. Think I may go back in and tweak a word here or there...it's also a bit Doorsy in the chorus so I may rework that melody.


(c) 2019 Georgie Cooper
All Rights Reserved

There’s so many things that I want to say
But I can’t say them to your face
So I’ll put it in a letter that I’ll never send
And you and I can go on and pretend

I can hide
behind my semi smile
I can lie
You’ll only see my sunny side

This letter that I’m writing says so many things
I wouldn’t dare say in a million years
But it’s better this way matter of fact
And I won’t hold back in my attack

I can hide
behind my semi smile
I can lie
You’ll only see my sunny side

(My sunny side my sunny side
Write a letter write a letter that I’ll never send)

I can hide
behind my semi smile
I can lie
You’ll only see my sunny side

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oh yeh thats worth playing with - good lyrics and a nice bounce along. nice one and first up in the morning

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I like how you're singing this. It's got sass. The descending bassline on the guitar is good too.

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This is SO GOOD. Chorus is killer.
Th letter helps you keep your mask on eh? Wink

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Jumping and Jazzy - very nice. I do like the bridge - sort of agressive (but not)...

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I really like the guitar progression a lot and the lyrics are just spot on...! That chorus sounds good to me! (But I don't know a lot of the Doors stuff)

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love the slidey vocal and that bridge has such a rolling and catchy rhythm! It's a goodun! nice skirmishing, thanks for playing Smile

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Great idea for a song (just like I said about your last song a few hours ago Smile ), with some terrific lines (“and you and I can go on and pretend”). Your vocals drip with attitude, and the guitar swings along nicely. It’s a real keeper!

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I love this girl! And I recently wrote a letter like this...I'll never send my "attack" but it sure felt great to write! Biggrin

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Wow! The whole thing is great but that chorus outro is my favorite bit with the walk down chords.

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This is a fantastically fun song to listen to, Georgie! I was snapping my fingers to every guitar slap. Just imagine if all those letters where people spoke their mind were actually sent out!

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Love the sassy vocals on the back of this swaggering progression. Incredible write for a skirmish!

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You have a knack for writing songs that are so good that after one listen we feel like they're an old friend. I don't really hear the Doors in the chorus and I grew up in LA so I've heard a lot of Doors. I wouldn't worry about it. This song works great!

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Classic sound. The vocals and chord changes have that immediate sing along quality.
Excellent lyrics.
Would not wanna be on the rec'ing end of such a letter, nor see the un-sunny side!
Great vocal delivery as always.
20 minutes??? Oy, so good.

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Reading the lyrics...looks like the very first verse is the bottom line. Nice follow up with the chorus. Second verse a little bit stronger "attack". The bridge continues to deliver the message. Chorus and out...ok, that's really good. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...vocals now...sound good...good melody...love the pause. Chorus now. Nice down moving bass line on the guitar. Very strong vocals throughout, especially the chorus. Singing flows nicely...great pause between sections. Very nice outro. Excellent song and performance! Enjoyed it very much.

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Nice job. This is such a great song...I love how your mind works.

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I love that downward bass motion that keeps the song moving without adding too much energy thereby ruining the attitude. Good vocal (as usual.) This is a good one. I can imagine I'm sitting in an intimate little coffee house with my eyes closed listening to you sing this from the small, makeshift stage. Good stuff.

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Nice silent attack. Love the chorus and the catchy lyrics. You capture a mood a lot of people can relate to. That revengeful beast we always to try to bury. Nice work.