Wake up (Demo)

Wake up (Demo)

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Liner Notes: 

Just a quick demo recording.



They night is over, I can hear an early bird
And some strange sound that’s not often to be heard
It must be a woodpecker that’s knocking very fast
It’s six o’clock in the morning and I wish my sleep would last
So I wake up

I had a dream that wasn’t over yet
with a lot of endings spinning through my head
I cannot figure out the meaning, so I’m giving up
I have to pee and in the kitchen waits my coffee-cup
So I wake up

There’s so much to do an there’s music to make
No time to be tired, a voice calls me: wake up!
There’s so much to tidy and so much to think
There’s toast to be eaten and coffee to drink

So I’m stumbling out of my good old lazy bed
Don’t hesitate – it’s time to go ahead!
Now I’m caught here in this Superskirmish, trying to write a song
Waiting for the prompt to come but something has gone wrong
But here it comes:
“Wake up!”

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love the energy of this, and nicely done on the circular meta logic of the prompt! nicely skirmished!

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Yep, I could easily wake up to a tune that is this peppy... and I love how you actually were able to put the word "superskirmish" in the lyrics!
Nice little tune, especially under such a time crunch.