Cult Of Fur

Cult Of Fur

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Liner Notes: 

A journey about getting brainwashed by a cult type mindset. Sure its all sunny flowers at the beginning, but soon all your strings are out of tune and there's no safety anywhere in your head. I like to do these odd one offs in-between power pop songs. Take it slow. Take it easy.


Lifted out of a bargain bin book about the inter-dimensional spiritual meaning behind bigfoot called 'The Sasquatch Message To Humanity' in my slightly vitamin D deprived Portland, OR

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darn you. I so want to do some Psychedelic stuff or even Pseudo Psychedelic stuff - but cant get my head around it. cool

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enjoyed this psychedelic sonic trip into the psychological chaos of cult mindfuck.

Ah, it's all a "mindphuch", so, when the orgasm? Or, that's the hell part?, -- never Wink Kinda rashy that way. Rash music, can be a good thing too, maybe?

Anyway, well dune, great mix, heavy BD is always a gude thing. Nice balance on the echo, so may still be diskearnable. (Sorry the drugs, the colors, they typoes...)

The gregorian chantishness, makes it for me as the binding element.

So, great diversity!

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This is demented and disturbing. And it gets a bit scary as it goes along. I really like the way you have used delay and other effects to enhance the emotional impact. At times it brings a "holy" and "churchy" feeling and at other times the repetitions feel like somebody's brainwashed. Very impressive.

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If this terrific song is anything to judge by, I think Psychedelic Hip-Hop is going to be the next big genre! Funky and weird and riveting and quite intense at times, this drug trip in song form is above all tremendously entertaining. Very cool!

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Hey Peter

WOW this pricked my ears up
loved the varyation on this song
the way you use your voice
and the music
so so different, bravery paid off sir
loved everything about this

Hope we can do something together this year
enjoy your 50/90 mate