Calorie Decision

Calorie Decision

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Liner Notes: 

Done for these two challenges!

The voices are all me.


Commander, let me bring you up to speed
It’s 11:30, and we’re all here in the situation room, but we’re too hungry to think
The kitchen staff already went home
It’s not long before many other business close
So what will it be, burgers or tacos?

I’m the general of the taco squad
You know what you’re gonna pick already
so much flavor, so much to savor
All that soy filler meat makes my stomach ready

To do battle with our adversaries
And just like the contents of those burritos, they greatly vary
I know you’ll make the right choice, boss
And don’t forget the fiery not fiery hot sauce

Hold up just a minute, uhhhhhh

Hold up just a minute, let me just say this, let’s not lose our heads
There are a lot of other choices out there that involve more glutenous beds
And what will the newspapers say in the morning when they go to print
That the fate of the nation was decided next to packets of terrible sauce so red?

My vote is for burger town, a place where you can stay
Don’t rob yourself of two patties and a cookie milkshake
That would be a crime so far unparalleled
In the history of this basement where we find ourselves

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So, this is what it's like inside your head as the dinner hour approaches? I definitely sympathize. I enjoy the progressive weirdness as it goes further down that path and the "Hold up a minute" guy's accent is so interesting. Fun listen.

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I don't say this lightly, but your music hits all my enjoyment buttons. Funny and tuneful and just such fun! The closing narrative is hilarious. Utterly terrific!

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Fun, and worthy of a video! Dramatic vocal, and a hypnotic groove. Good one!

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Very cool voice manipulations. This is hi - lar - i- ous !

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Somebody had some fun in the studio! This is really nicely done, all the voices ( one with an Italian accent?) and cool synth music. These lyrics might actually be a pretty precise description of the modern political decision-making process. I'm so glad they eventually made a compromise. Smile

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This was fun. The backing has a really good hook and the lyrics are witty. Nicely done

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This has good energy and is really fun and amusing! I especially like: "Don't rob yourself of two patties and a cookie milkshake". Very creatively delivered! Cool stuff.

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welp, immediate like for me upon hearing those echoing arps.
And from there...what can I even say?
I'm not one for these kinds of storytelling vocals, but when they are as fun and varied with the different voices as this, I can't help but listen. PLUS, the backing track! Have to admit, that's what kept me here as its simply synthy awesomeness, totally the kind of stuff I love hearing. I dig all of your sound choices, great rhythm to the drum programming.
And I gotta say, I was engaged in the story the entire time. You committed and it shows - the different characters being voiced differently, the subject matter...superb.
Awesome stuff...

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The voice acting is strong with this one...
Seriously, I knew this would be comedic, but I didn’t expect an episode of Tracey Ullman set to music! The taco inside a burger is just all kinds of perfect and yet so perfectly wrong. Let’s just hope there’s never a merger!

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A taco in a burger-- genius. I'm trying that for dinner, and BTW, I'm vegetarian so it will be total SOYMEAT mwahahahahahahahaha