Hope For Tomorrow

Hope For Tomorrow

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Liner Notes: 


host coolparadiso
prompt Hope

Ah yes, Hope...Mahavishnu, Birds of Fire. Love that stuff.

Not much rhythm to be found in the prompt so I looked for sayings using "hope". I found "Live for today and hope for tomorrow". Live for today has 4 syllables, Hope for tomorrow has 5. Doing a Shillinger style interference pattern gave me the rhythm for the little melody in the middle.

Guitars: '64 Fender Jaguar
Fender re-issue Reverb Unit

'67 Fender Dual Showman

Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



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nice! and that higher pitched middle melody thing has a great vibe to it that adds alot to the piece..

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That was very enjoyable. I like this experimental electronic music stuff!

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Electro surf suits you well. This has a hopeful feel and drive to it. It is captivating!

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Wow! This sure took me right in! Love the electro vibe!

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Love the heartbeat rhythm! While there is life, there is hope!

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Feels like a good background music for some sciency montage scene, maybe in zombie apocalypse ... here the intrepid heroes are sciencing the heck out of this very very interesting sciency science problem.