A Girl named Hope

A Girl named Hope

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Liner Notes: 

Personification of an abstract noun. Also, a look at how poverty pushes young mothers into impossibly hard decisions.

I may come back later to set this to music. Just lyrics for now.


1.Faith and Rocky had a baby.
They were so young. Their hands were tied
Their flames of love died into maybe...
Pandora’s box they’d opened wide.

They named her Hope
Her voice cried in the night
They named her Hope
The flame of Faith’s heart flickering bright.
But love is sometimes not enough
In a world where roads are rough

2. Hand-me-downs and heavy lifting
Hand-outs from well-meaning friends.
She grew up never quite fitting
As her parents tied the loose ends.

They’d named her Hope
Their reason for living.
They’d named her Hope
And they worked on giving
Their love just never was enough
In a world where roads are rough...

3. One day Hope came home torn and bruised
She hid the pain that grew inside
But babies’ needs won’t be refused...
Although she tried, she was denied.

In agony, she birthed her small twins.
In pain and tears, she tried to stand
She prayed for strength, prayed for a win,
Then entrusted them to others’ hands.

My name is Hope
She wrote in her letter.
My name is Hope
I’m your birthmother.
My love for you is not enough
In a world where roads are rough.

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What a heartbreaker of a story! And so well told.

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Such a powerful and poignant storytelling. The word choices are strong - from the names to the descriptions and images. Really well done.

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A very sad tale of how history repeats itself. Good job bringing it to light and life.

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I had the same title, but wow-so different. This hurts my heart!

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excellent storytelling very powerful write for a skirmish. Thx for joining in

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It's a tough story well told. Yeah, heart-rending. I'd be interested to hear how you would put it together and musick it up if you have a chance.

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Excellent stoirytelling, absolutely great flowing lyrics. So beautiful