I Hope and I Hope

I Hope and I Hope

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Liner Notes: 

Tuned in late, added silly music when I could finally get through it in a take. Sheesh, the breathing and the singing and the oy. Apologies for the whistling that slightly overtaxed the kindle mic.

From this skirmish, where the theme was "hope."

I tried to go dark, so hard, did I try. But in the end, I failed. Just decided to go with it. Darn it, hope won.


I hope you like this song
I hope you sing along
I hope your voice is strong
I hope the notes aren’t wrong

I hope they fill your ears
Like couplets from Shakespeare
And if they don’t, well then, I hope that they just disappear

I hope the love you get
Equals the love you give
I hope the pets you pet
Won’t ever cease to live

I hope the sun will shine
I hope that you’ll be mine
In that inconsequential manner of a valentine

And I hope and I hope
That my yes won’t be my nope
And I dream and I dream
That this hope will be my theme

I hope the heat will break
Much more, I cannot take
I hope the smile I fake
Won’t cause my face to ache

And if it opens wide
I hope you know I tried
But in the end I couldn’t keep all of this hope inside

I hope we’ll be aware
How often hope’s a dare
Don’t wanna lose the thread
Hope is a fire to be fed

I won’t forget to sing
About this hopeful spring
That can’t be bought for cash or credit or for anything

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I like this. It's so positive and feel good. Hope is a wonderful and powerful thing. Nice writing.

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I totally stand by my 'very uplifting. Love it!' comment now that the music's live. Fun!

colgoo's picture

Nice work....I spent my whole hour of this skirmish writing my lyrics, so I totally get you needing more time to complete your song.

Michael Standing's picture

I would love to hear a full band playing this and your performance is really good and yes uplifting.

DeannaSweidel's picture

John this is fantastic...happy, uplifting, toe-tapping, catchy and then you threw in the whistling!

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and its gonna sound exactly like this. Hope wins.

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Hey John!
Well for starters I love your liner notes about trying to go dark! I kinda new where you'd be going from there. Excellent lyrics and your delivery so on point as always. references to shakespeare sonnets, pets never dying, hope my yes won't turn into nope...I mean your stream of word paintings is endless. Great tune!

JWHanberry's picture

Wonderful uptempo "hopeful" song. Makes me think of jug band style music. Love the hope/nope rhyme. Good skirmish.

nancyrost's picture

I like those long wordy lines at the ends of sections, great rhythmic and sound to them. Pretty cool chromatic details in the melody too. This would be fun to play on!

kahlo2013's picture

Delightful contagious happy upbeat feel to the words and music. Sweet!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Yeah great vibe, you made me smiley and it's really vatchy so yes I DO sing along. Awesome song and singing. Great played

TomS's picture

Well, I've officially run out of compliments for your music. It makes the world a better place. Smile

JamKar's picture

Awww. Positive in the way the Beatles did
"Altogether Now". The world needs more hope.

marvsmooth's picture

Oh man, I love the chord choices here, and the uplifting positivity of the whole thing!

Jack Johnson wants some time off, and has asked if you can fill in for him! <- I hope you take that as the compliment it was intended as, because it has that sunny feeling I get from his music!

The chorus music and melody is particularly beautiful! I love that progression for “and I hoooope, and I hooope...”

SueAwesome's picture

can't have a group of new songs from crossman without some tongue twister, clever word spitting, doo wap-y sound. nice and catchy per usual