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Liner Notes: 

I picked up a Casio keyboard lately.

The SK-1, which SAMPLES audio!

All the keyboard sounds here come from the Casio. I don't really play keyboards fluently, so I came up with a riff and played that. Bass came from the SK1, dropped a couple octaves in the software. The "chorus" is sampled vocals into the tiny mic -- I could only sample 2-3 words at a time, so the 6 word phrase in the chorus is played on two tracks. There are 2 guitar tracks, but everything else is Casio (except the verse vocals, that's just me).

Kind of fun. This is my "Art of Noise" track for all you old folks like me.


I've known you long enough to know
I know I should take your advice
I've known you long enough to know
I know you won't offer twice

You told me. Not to wait.

I am a master of joy postponed
just a little longer, a slight delay
down to the minute, to the bone
one more time, my own heart betrayed

you said it's time to decide
maybe it's time to listen
you told me not to let it slide
my own heart remains imprisoned

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Oh nice...quite nice.
I love the melodies during the verses.
Kudos to the use of your recently acquired Casio!
Unfortunately, the Art of Noise reference is over my head - I have yet to explore their music catalog. Or...are you not even talking about the music group? lol
In any event, your tags pulled me in and I'm glad I stopped by, this was unique, creative and enjoyable - again, I really dig the melodies you put together. I'm a sucker for Casio drums and sounds overall.

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yes yes yes im one of the old folks. Well done nicely captured that space. good one

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Very nice Casiocore; it has a terrific raw electronic sound and essentially punk-like vibe that I find very appealing. I’ve done some keyboard-and-guitar tracks too in the past; hearing something this good using that form is motivating me to go back myself and have another go!

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Art of Noise! One of my private pleasures almost no one I know knows them.
I love the interlude portions here very much, and the whole finish from 2:30 on, very fun. Your lyrics are pretty profound, introspective and reflective. Verse 2 especially. The dance of relationship and challenging our engrained ways. I hope you’ll keep on with the sampling; it’s so creative!

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Love that chorus, it's bent in the best way. The drums sound dated but also not in this context, like they have a new voice here. Cool!

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Oooh this is sort of microtonal. I like the straight-up quality of your voice, juxtaposed with all the electronically fabricated sounds. Nice choice of subject for the start of a huge songwriting challenge where it would be unwise to wait too long.

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Oh man, I haven't visited Art of Noise for quite awhile. I'll have to head on back into the depths.
"I am a master of joy postponed". GREAT line!
The organ-y keyboard sound you've got going makes this subtly ominous somehow. I am delightfully unsettled.
Aren't new toys the BEST?!

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I just love this! Thanks for the great Voyage to planet Casio!! So transistor radio. Not to mention fantastic lyrics.
"I am a master of joy postponed"...guilty as charged. Great listen beginning to end.

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Way to push at the boundaries. The whole is waay greater than the sum of its parts. The sampled chorus vocals are so trippy.

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Man - what a trippy, psychedelic excursion this is. Interestingly enough I’ve heard a few tunes here with this kind of vibe. I dig it a lot!

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Ah, I love this! Great vocals, great harmony, and sounds like lots of fun!

I have the same keyboard (with a mod that gives MIDI in!), I need to use it more. I'll bring it out this 50/90, I think I have only used it for one song ever.

Great song!

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Good to hear you again!
Delightfully, melodically weird - catchy and sonically super-interesting.
What's awesome, too, about this is that given the lyrics and the earnestness of your vocal (effects and all), I bet this would also work as an acoustic guitar/vocal song. And that's one measure of a great tune!

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I was drawn in by the title. I wrote a song titled "Wait" some years ago...totally and universally different than yours! LOL Yes, art noise is the perfect descriptor. Enjoy your new toy and please keep up this wonderful imaginative fair!

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Very trippy! I feel like I’ve stumbled across a space FM station somewhere deep in a neighboring galaxy. Fun listen!