Forgiveness and Hope

Forgiveness and Hope

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt "Hope" mashed up with the weekly Song Skirmish prompt "Forgiveness". Two strong concepts. After 45 minutes of futzing with an erratic MIDI player recording, running out of time I did a quick vocal improv on resonator over the chord progression I was attempting on MIDI. I hope to return to this one later.


Forgiveness and hope is all I have left
News in the headlines leaves me bereft

Give me hope and forgiveness
Give me forgiveness and hope

Hope and forgiveness
Forgiveness and hope
Gonna need a whole lotta soap

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DeannaSweidel's picture

I love the 2 topics combined. Really got a powerful message here

coolparadiso's picture

that actually works pretty well. The dischordance at times - balances against the mellow vocals

colgoo's picture

Love the slides on your guitar combined with sparse vocals. Nicely done!

kahlo2013's picture

Concise and insightful writing.
Congrats on a great skirmish!

JWHanberry's picture

I love the simplicity of this lyric. Just a few lines that takes on a world of troubles. Good job.

john crossman's picture

Sounds like a really good start. "Bereft" is a hard word to get away with in song, but I really like the implications of the "soap" line and all the tactile musical goodness with your gentle vocal.

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Hey Andy! I Just did a synthesis of your song with the next one in the chain. Thanks for the inspiration!

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now i have done my turn in the auntie syn i am listening back through the chain. so this is where it starts. and a skirmish too, short n not so sweet, the sadness and indeed as you say bereft feeling really comes through. thanks for donating this song to the game!