The Rain Came

The Rain Came

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Liner Notes: 

I saw someone I knew-someone I work with walking down the road in the rain.


The Rain Came by Jessica Graae © 2019 all rights reserved

I saw you walking down the road.

And your head was hanging low.

And the rain was coming down.

The rain was coming down.

You were fighting to stay sane.

But your spirit can’t be tamed.

And the rain was coming down.

The rain was coming down.

The ground was slipping

The ground was slipping.

You don’t know where you’re headed.

Don’t know where you’re going.

You don’t know where your head is.

You just keep walking on.

I heard your footsteps on the ground.

In the grass, a gentle sound.

And the rain was coming down.

The rain was coming down.

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coolparadiso's picture

beautiful guitar start. nice lyric. all around a really nice song

standup's picture

Strong melody, drives nicely, and this is kind of compelling.

Your back story is "Saw somebody I work with", but this song more to tell than that.

I like the rise in the melody for "The rain was coming down", really tells the story. And I like the birds in the background.

OdilonGreen's picture

I like the dark, brooding, thoughtful feel; and while there's one line of hope in the lyrics ("your spirit can't be tamed"), it seems the subject of this song has a steep uphill climb to go. The gentle guitar and especially the lovely singing keep this captivating throughout.

MarkG's picture

You leave plenty of room for the listener's imagination to create a picture. I have one of a down-and-outer as the character, but it doesn't have to be that way. I could see it as another totally different person, just having a terrible day that matches the weather. I love songs like this that allow multiple interpretations.

ductapeguy's picture

This is a beautiful, stark image. It begs the question: Did you stop to pick her up?