The same mistake

The same mistake

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Liner Notes: 

The song explores growing up as individuals through eons of time and space and learning from that is around us, and acting in the present moment


That same mistake:

Just as you walk away, just as you catch the moon on a midnight lake.
Just as the owl flies down,
Flapping its wings suddenly above your crown.
Maybe it’s something new, maybe you know you made the same mistake.
Maybe it’s something true, maybe you think you made the same mistake.

The forest is damp tonight,
The sky is clear and cold in someone’s eyes,
Mist and dew sink down,
Leaves an image in places that just can’t be found
Just might be alright, we might not need to make that same mistake.
Something in the air tonight, I might not need to make that same mistake.

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nice lyric. Good imagery. my mind is thinking where it would go! got that slightly detached ethereal feel

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Good idea behind the lyrics. In many ways, probably more than we'd care to believe, we are living out our parents and other peolple's lives because we pick up so much programming when we are young. As we grow older, we don't even realize we our living on a loop of old conditioning, until we wake up and start making deliberate decisions by getting to know our wn minds. Lovely lyrics. Really well stated.

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such a lonely, wistful sound, and your voice ghostly with echoed FX.,

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Really nice! Has a Neil Young Harvest Moon vibe. It definitely sounds like nighttime and deja vu. The gentle oos at the end are lovely.

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This intro ooh, so nice. Vocals as well, wow. Very nice calm song, sounds great and has all the right sounds. Lyrics are also great and everything comes together for a very pleasant listen.